God of War: Ragnarok – Lunda’s Lost Armour all locations

God of War: Ragnarok - Lunda’s Lost Armour all locations

Who’s in for another side quest in God of War: Ragnarok? What’s more exciting than embarking on an adventure and taking home rewards, right? Although we can’t deny that there are Favors and quests that are just too much to handle which brought you here, did you accept The Mysterious Orb Favor? Without any more segue, here’s a guide on all locations of Lunda’s lost armour and how to repair Lunda’s Armour in the game!

The Mysterious Orb Favor

This side quest AKA Favor would be from a Dwarf named Lunda. She’s well-acquainted with Brok, by the way. Help Lunda find this orb that she lost along River Delta, and a few of her old armour pieces as well. Here are all locations of Lunda’s lost armour, stay with us!

How to trigger

  • While you’re back in Freyr’s Camp after helping Freya free from Odin’s curse, you probably would hear a woman speaking and asking for help. Here you’ll meet Lunda, a blacksmith-slash-Dwarf like Brok and Sindri. She tells Kratos that she stayed for a long while in River Delta. Apparently, she kind of lost one of her “irreplaceables”, an Orb.

1 The Mysterious Orb Favor

  • Additionally, she adds that if ever Kratos comes across her old and rusty armored pieces, she would gladly make something out of them for you. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s the start of the Mysterious Orb Favor.

2 Lunda's Lost Armour

Reach River Delta

  • Hop on your boat with Atreus and Mimir and take a trip down the river, just follow the tracker to unlock a new region. Once you reach this gate-like design on your right, we welcome you to River Delta. The place used to be a settlement, a river community.
  • Anyhow, you would want to go to a place where you can dock your boat. You can use the Mystic Gateway that you and Freya both used to get to Vanaheim. From there, go left, and follow the compass. Once you find an area to dock your boat, you may start exploring the place.

4 Lunda's Lost Armour

Lunda’s Lost Armour: Broken Belt

  • You happen to be in Noatun’s Garden by now. Once you dock your boat, you may want to walk on your left until you see a gate. There would be a diamond shape on its slate and can only be destroyed via Kratos’ dagger.

5 Lunda's Lost Armour

  • The gate would break, and you have to push the door open. From there, you’ll see a chest with a red glow, and congratulations! You’d have the first armour piece of Lunda, her old and broken belt.

6 God of War Ragnarok

  • In case you took the Garden of the Dead Favor while you’re in the Noatun’s Garden, be sure to break all the Poison Totems around the area. Honestly, if you can, just take the Favors from the spirits around the area, we’d love to have more rewards, right?

Lunda’s Lost Armour: Broken Bracers

  • Back to the stream, just keep going until you happen to come across another Mystic Gateway where Brok and Lunda have set up a shop nearby. Welcome to another region called Cliffside Ruins. You may want to dock your boat on the shore adjacent to the Mystic gateway, and prepare to battle a few enemies ahead. Defeat all and continue moving to your left.
  • If you encounter the Spirit, Gunhild, we suggest you take the Favor as it can be completed in the same area where you can find Lunda’s lost orb. To continue, head straight until you reach a ruined wall. Have Kratos and Atreus climb the wall and reach the ruined tower.

11 The Mysterious Orb Favor

  • From there, make sure you destroy all the poisonous plants around the location of the chest with the red glow. Once you do, open the chest, and grab another of Lunda’s old armour, her bracers.

7 God of War Ragnarok

Unlock the gate to the Goddess Falls

  • Continue exploring the area, and you may find a chain to go up on. Just follow the path until you reach an incomplete Runic Slate. Interact with it, and have Atreus read the runic word across the cliff.
  • The gate unlocks once Atreus shouts the runic word. You may want to head over now to the gate to go through the Goddess Falls. So head back to your boat, and paddle your way to a cave.

9 God of War: Ragnarok

The Seidr Markings

  • Make sure you haven’t missed out on anything in the Cliffside Ruins before you head over to the area behind the unlocked gate. If ever you accepted the Favor from the spirit in the Cliffside Ruins, your companion would mention the Seidr markings on the walls.

12 The Mysterious Orb Favor

Pick up the Mysterious Orb

The Veiled Passage - Lunda's Armour

  • As you row your way into another hidden region called The Veiled Passage, make sure to dock your boat at the beach on the right. Once you’ve docked your boat there, check to your left to see an item you can pick up from the ground

Mysterious Orb (The Veiled Passage)

  • This will be the Mysterious Orb that Lunda is looking for. At this point, you can either go back to Lunda and complete the Favor. However, if you want to make use of the complete armour set that Lunda is willing to repair for free, you should go to the end of the cave where you’ll find the last piece of Lunda’s Armour

Lunda’s Lost Armour: Broken Cuirass

  • After docking your boat at the shore, go to the left side of the area where you can see the poison mist. You can easily spot the chest with a red glow housed in some ruins. From there, you can get the last piece of Lunda’s armour, her broken cuirass.

10 The Mysterious Orb Favor

  • Along with the cuirass, you’ll find her lost orb as well. Head back to Lunda and you may have her fix up the armour of Kratos. That’s where The Mysterious Orb Favor in God of War: Ragnarok is marked complete!

How was exploring the River Delta to find Lunda’s Lost Armour, warriors?

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