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As you make your journey across the realms in God of War: Ragnarok, you will gain access to the realm of Muspelheim where different trials await you. The Muspelheim Trials are a test of a player’s character, strength, and determination in becoming the real God of War. For warriors who have not taken on these challenges yet, keep reading to know more about them!

How to unlock Muspelheim Trials in God of War: Ragnarok

Before you can actually get into these challenges, you will first need to collect two Muspelheim Seeds from Legendary Chests in the realm of Svartalfheim. Once you obtain both Seeds, you can fast travel to Muspelheim through any of the Mystic Gateways found across the map. An important thing to keep in mind is you will only gain access to Muspelheim later on in the game. Here are the locations of both seed halves:

Modvitnir’s Rig

God of War Ragnarok - Muspelheim Trials, All details - 1st seed
Screengrabs Courtesy of Astrosive via YouTube

The first half of the seed can be found at Modvitnir’s Rig in Svartalfheim. There are other collectibles in this area, so make sure to scout the area until you’ve found every single one.

When you come across the Legendary Chest, you will find the seed in there.

Alberich Hollow

God of War Ragnarok - Muspelheim Trials, All details - 2nd seed

For this location, you first need to obtain the Draupnir Spear after the chapter called Forging Destiny. We suggest finishing two Favors called The Lost Treasure and Spirit of Rebellion so you can hit three birds with one stone.

God of War Ragnarok - Muspelheim Trials, All details - 2nd seed 1

To unlock the Legendary Chest, use a fire bomb on the ore covering the chest to gain access to it. The second half of the seed will be in there.

God of War Ragnarok - Muspelheim Trials, All details - 2nd seed 2

All Crucible Challenges in Muspelheim

Now that you have both halves of the Muspelheim Seed, you can fast travel to this realm using any Mystic Gateway. After getting there, jump down to the arena and you will see a Nornir Chest. Unlike other Nornir Chests, you can only unlock this one by completing the Crucible Challenges. There are two sets of challenges per room. After completing each challenge, you will be rewarded with Legendary Chests which contain the following rewards:

  • Pieces from the Undying Pyres Armor Set
  • Divine Ashes
  • Other crafting resources
  • Hacksilver

First 6 Crucible Trials

Weapon Mastery Kill 16 enemies before the timer of 180 seconds runs out.
Flawless Defeat 15 enemies without taking any damage.
Ring Out Challenge Defeat 21 enemies by knocking them out of the “ring”. Since their health regenerates after getting damaged, the only way to defeat them is to knock them into the lava pits in the area.
Feed the Rift Kill enemies and throw orbs into the rift in the middle of the area. There will also be a time limit for each wave.
Population Control You need to kill the Elite Enemies while keeping an eye on Normal Enemies that spawn. As long as you finish killing the Elite Enemy before more than 4 Grims spawn, you will finish the challenge with ease.
King of the Hill Speed and strength are your main allies in this challenge. Keep enemies out of the rings by knocking them out or simply defeating them. There are three rings you need to clear out under three waves.


Unlock the Nornir Chest

With all these challenges finished, you can now unlock the Nornir Chest you first saw when you dropped down into the arena. One of the most important rewards you obtain from completing these trials is the Chaos Flame. It is an item needed to upgrade your Chaos Blades so you can dish out more damage in God of War: Ragnarok.

Nornir Chest
Screengrab Courtesy of GuidingLight via YouTube

Once you unlock the Nornir Chest, you have completed The Crucible Favor.

Final 6 Crucible Challenges

With the first set of challenges completed, you can still take your time and finish the final trials in Muspelheim. This time, however, things will get more complicated and you will have to follow a certain pattern in order to unlock them.

Giant sword
Screengrab Courtesy of GuidingLight via YouTube

After you unlock the Nornir Chest in the middle of the arena, it will be replaced by a giant sword. This sword is connected to the swords you’ve been interacting with in the previous challenges, so you will have to go back and do them all again. It is important to note that you need to mix and match trials from any of the three swords in the Crucible.

When you go back to the three swords in the Crucible, there will also be three new challenges for you to take on:

  • Rampage (Sword 1)
  • Health Steal (Sword 2)
  • Kill Fuse (Sword 3)


Here are the six combinations for the last 6 challenges in this area. Sword 1 is located to your left, 2 is in the middle, and 3 is the sword found on the right part of the arena.

S1 + S2 Endurance Challenge Kill a total of 99 enemies.
S3 + S2 Boss Rush Challenge Defeat five bosses.
S1 + S3 Shield Breaker Challenge Beat the number of enemies needed in order to defeat the bosses in this challenge.
S3 + S1 Phantom Challenge Defeat the Flame Phantom and incoming enemies.
S2 + S1 Ring of Fire Challenge Stay inside the ring while fighting off the number of enemies needed.
S2 + S3 Onslaught Challenge Stay alive for 300 seconds.

God of War Ragnarok - Muspelheim Trials, All details - End
Screengrab Courtesy of GuidingLight via YouTube

Aside from unlocking chests as rewards, you will also get the Trials by Fire trophy in God of War: Ragnarok. “The Final Challenges” Favor will also be marked as complete in your journal. So if you’re the type of warrior who is up for the challenge, head on over to Muspelheim and try your hand at this Favor!

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