God of War: Ragnarok – Spirit of Rebellion guide

So if you visited this article while doing The Lost Treasure Favor, then we’ll be glad to help you on your adventure here too. Seriously, God of War: Ragnarok has a lot of Quests for you to take, and areas for you to explore. Sometimes, it would take a long while to find your way out of these quests, so if you’re struggling with the Spirit of Rebellion Favor, then you may proceed to read below.

Spirit of Rebellion Favor

Once Kratos and Freya hop off the train from The Forge, you’ll be welcomed by Durlin near a Mystic Gateway. It would be best to do this Favor simultaneously with The Lost Treasure side quest.

Trigger the quest

  • Before you can reach Durlin, you have to throw Kratos’ Spear on the crack in the rock to let them swing over. Go near and talk to Durlin, he’ll need you to retrieve a Hammer.

Spirit of Rebellion 1

  • Durlin tells what the hammer is and where the Aesir buried it. He mentions it is located under the “big, gaudy Dwarf statue in the bay”.

Spirit of Rebellion 2

Reach the Alberich Hollow

  • Once you reach the Alberich Hollow, head straight over until you notice an incomplete Runic Slate. Interact with it until a word flashes below the statue. Have Freya read the word, and the statue moves afterward.

Spirit of Rebellion 3

  • The statue moves its hammer upward, and you can see a chest with a red glow below. Once the statue stretches its hammer upward, you may now open the chest. Inside you will find Durlin’s hammer. That fast? Yes!

Spirit of Rebellion 4

  • Just a piece of information, Durlin’s hammer is a ceremonial hammer. It is a symbol of the Dwarven’s resistance to Asgard’s Rule, according to the game.

Head back to Nidavellir

  • The Spirit of Rebellion Favor is nearly over, you just have to find Durlin and return the hammer. You may want to head over to Nidavellir, the place would be the epitome of peace and quiet compared to the other realms… at this moment, at least.

God of War: Ragnarok 5

  • Just walk straight forward until you reach the door to where you first met Raeb. The Dwarf welcomes you (as for Mimir, hmm, not too warmly though) into the bar, and you’ll see Durlin sitting there drinking some mead.

Spirit of Rebellion 6

  • When you reach Durlin, interact with him by pressing the ‘triangle’ button. From there, Kratos hands the hammer back to Durlin. Once you return the hammer, the Spirit of Rebellion Favor is marked as completed.

God of War: Ragnarok 7

  • There you have it, we hope you successfully finished this Favor! Oh, by the way, have you checked out the reward you have been given? Aside from the Experience Points that Kratos receives, a Light Runic Attack is also given.

God of War: Ragnarok 8

  • This Mountain Splitter attack would be best used in long-range fights where your Draupnir Spear is your main weapon. It would stagger the enemies with its wind slices. You may want to press the R1 button while slashing to make it the damage enhanced. You should try it out!

Have you completed this God of War: Ragnarok favor, warrior?

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