Do you come here after finishing The Weight of Chains’ side quest? Welcome aboard, warriors. If you find yourself struggling to complete this new Favor, we’ll help you get through it. If you don’t mind, we’ll start now with this guide on The Lost Treasure Favor in God of War: Ragnarok. Grab your controllers, and get ready to set out on another side quest!

The Lost Treasure favor

Warriors, it is highly recommended to proceed to this Favor once you successfully finish the Weight of Chains side quest. You can only progress through this side quest by completing the Weight of Chains Favor in God of War: Ragnarok.

Reach Alberich Island

  • To unlock and reach the new island, use the boat to bring Kratos and Freya to Alberich Island. As Freya mentions, the island looks abandoned. Nonetheless, keep paddling until you reach the shore.

The Lost Treasure 1

How to trigger the Favor

  • When you reach the shore, there wouldn’t be much of a view save for a Berserker Gravestone (which you should only trigger if you’re ready for a mini-boss fight)
  • You will also need the Draupnir Spear to actually progress through this Favor. If you don’t have it already, focus on the main story quest first until you receive the Draupnir Spear from Brok and The Lady in The Forge
  • Once your boat is docked, head over to this area

The Lost Treasure 2

  • From there, throw your Spear on the surface for Kratos and Freya. This will help you climb up the ledge

God of War: Ragnarok 3

  • Once you get to the top, you’ll be welcomed by an Elder Wayfarer spirit asking for help. This is where the Favor begins.
  • To put it simply, the spirit of a father came to seek help to find his son. They embarked on a different journey in finding the lost treasure but unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse and the father ended up passing away

The Lost Treasure 4

The Waterwheel and Lindwyrm

The spirit disappears after telling his adventure to seek treasure with his son. You may start the Favor of The Lost Treasure now.

  • You would have to go over where Freya is, near the water wheel. The wheel seems to not be getting any water, so check out the way on your left. Fire a Sonic Arrow at the clump of ore blocking the way
  • Make sure to take out one of Odin’s Ravens that’s nearby

The Lost Treasure 5

  • Continue going down the newly-unlocked path until you can see the waterwheel again. Equip your Draupnir Spear and throw it at the glowing spot on the rock. Once it sticks, detonate the Spear by pressing the ‘triangle’ button
  • Now that the waterwheel is turning, a pillar with a grappling spot rises at a level that Kratos can use to grapple over to the other side

God of War: Ragnarok 6

The Lost Treasure 7

  • When you reach the other side, you’ll encounter a Lost Lindwrym. It will appear when you go near the rift so just have Kratos stick his hand in there and prepare for some button-mashing to rescue the Lindwyrm

Head to the other island

  • After catching the Lindwrym, move to the other side of the platform. You may want to grapple your way to the other island where Freya thinks it has something else.

God of War: Ragnarok 9

  • Make sure to pick up the Treasure Map located near the gear which can be frozen with your Leviathan Axe. You’ll see another Odin’s Raven nearby so take it out as quickly as possible

The Lost Treasure 10

  • Climb up the ledge to your right and you’ll see a crank. The only problem is you’ll need to freeze the gear while Kratos is holding onto the chain. However, you don’t have a clear view of the gear from where you’re standing
  • So, how are you going to do that? Kratos’ Spear has a lot of work to do for this Favor.

God of War: Ragnarok 11

  • You may have passed by the crack on the rock that’s blocking your way to see the gear. Throw your Spear on the crack, and detonate it once again. This gives you a clear view of the gear while you’re holding onto the chain

The Lost Treasure 12

  • Once you successfully break the rock, head over to the crank once again. Pull the chain, and shoot one of Freya’s Runic Arrows (the purple arrow) to make sure the gear stays frozen. From there, throw your Axe aiming at the gear to completely freeze it.

The Lost Treasure 13

The gate and the lift

  • While it stays frozen, grapple your way back to the earlier platform, then recall Kratos’ Axe. You’ll be needing the Axe to freeze the geyser that keeps the water wheel working.

God of War: Ragnarok 14

  • Then, aim your Spear at the crack of the rock beside the geyser. Detonate the Spear again to destroy the rock and finally, you can make your way over to the lift on the other side

The Lost Treasure 15

  • You can see the lift in front so grapple to get on it. Before recalling your Axe, it’s important that you’re already on the lift. This is because recalling the Leviathan Axe will make the lift go up
  • Be ready to fight a few enemies once the lift stops at the top!

God of War: Ragnarok 16

Go back to the beach

  • Okay, this would be quite an adventure to do because you have to go wall climbing. Don’t worry, grappling makes it easier for Kratos to move from one wall to another. After defeating the enemies, go to the right and start grappling your way around using Kratos’ Blades of Chaos

God of War: Ragnarok 17

  • Once you reach the top, collect the rewards from the Legendary Chest located there. Additionally, you’ll find a way to get back down to Alberich Island. With the help of the Draupnir Spear once again, tie it to the rope, and throw it on the other side.
  • Once the rope is in place, you can now slide down back to Alberich Island

The Lost Treasure 18

  • Talk to the spirit of the father again once you’re back on the island. Now, the second part of the quest continues as you’ll have to find his son and figure out his fate

God of War: Ragnarok 19

Treasure Map for Washed Ashore

  • Hop in the boat as you have to reach another island to find the spirit’s son. Following the compass at the top of your screen is the best way to find the island where the son went treasure hunting
  • If you already started the Spirit of the Rebellion Favor from Durlin, the characters would acknowledge the huge statue on the island

The Lost Treasure 20

  • You may want to head to the rightmost part of the island, somewhere with the dragon bones. There would be a glowing spot on the ground, so once you stand near it, press the ‘circle’ button. The Washed Ashore Treasure Map is completed once you retrieve the loot on the ground

The Lost Treasure 21

Find the son

  • Going back to The Lost Treasure favor, find a chain where Kratos can climb up. From there, use the Draupnir Spear to act as a ladder once again to reach the second platform.

God of War: Ragnarok 22

  • The spirit of the son appears once you reach the top. Now you’ll have to return to Alberich Hollow and find the treasure that the son was looking for. Just climb up the ledge on your left (the one with the symbols), and grapple your way to the other side.

The Lost Treasure 23

Reach the Alberich Hollow

  • Once you get to the other side, collect the Hacksilver you may see. Move on your left until you reach an incomplete Runic Slate. Once you activate the Runic Slate, have Freya read the words below the statue.

God of War: Ragnarok 24

  • Head to the left, and you may find a few enemies up ahead. Defeat those enemies, and clear your path using the Fire Bomb. Take note that you’ll battle with a mini-boss in this area, Ormstunga.

After the fight

The Lost Treasure - Ledge after Ormstunga fight

  • Once you successfully defeat Ormstunga, you may want to climb up the ledge. You can catch another Lindwyrm in this location by reaching into the rift

Alberich Hollow - Lindwyrm

  • Retrieve another Fire Bomb and climb up the ledge again. You’ll see that more ore is blocking the way up ahead so throw the Fire Bomb at it to clear the path

Use Fire Bomb on Ore - Alberich Hollow

  • Make sure to unlock the Legendary Chest before leaving the area and returning to Alberich Island
  • You have to talk with the spirit of the father once again to complete The Lost Treasure Favor in God of War: Ragnarok. Enjoy the 50,000 Hacksilver from the chests you collected in this quest!

Did you find the treasure in this Favor in God of War: Ragnarok?

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