God of War: Ragnarok – The Weight of Chains guide

God of War: Ragnarok - The Weight of Chains guide

Have you finished the Watchtower Key quest? Good for you since this happens to be a guide for the next quest! Once Kratos gets the key, what should you do next? Well, here’s another God of War: Ragnarok guide, today would be about The Weight of Chains favor. All the steps you’ll need to know should be here, so grab your controllers, and let’s get started, ready?

The Weight of Chains favor

Alright, you may find yourself here looking for some answers on how to complete this Favor. This should be pretty much everything you need to do just in case you’re struggling in the game. You may proceed to read below, and we’ll start on this adventure.

Unlock Watchtower

You may want to head back to the beach near Sindri and Mystic Gateway. You’ll have Mimir and Freya on your side during this side quest, and do know that Mimir would be a great help.

  • Once you get back, your goal is to unlock the Watchtower. Climb the wall with Freya, and move to the right side when you reach the Watchtower.

Weight of Chains 1

  • From there, you may hear Mimir tell Kratos to put the key into the lock. Head over to the gate, grab the key, then open it.

Weight of Chains 2

  • The gate should open, and now you’re welcomed with a drum. Go straight at it, and press the ‘circle’ button to lift the drum. Then you may have Freya’s Arrows hit it hard by pressing the ‘square’ button.

The Weight of Chains 3

  • Once the drum makes a loud noise, you have unlocked a new region. When you look ahead of you, Lyngbakr Island emerges from the waters.

The Weight of Chains 4

Free the first fin

You may want to go to Lyngbakr Island to continue the Weight of Chains Favor. Basically, Lyngbakr has been chained for a while now, Mimir explains how. He explains how he wanted to impress Odin to the extent that he captured a Lyngbakr. From there, it was used to give Odil oil via its fat. Moreover, here’s how to complete this step.

  • Kratos and Freya may reach Lyngbakr via boat, just head over to the shore, Freya hops in, and you may paddle your way to the island.

God of War Ragnarok favor

  • When you reach the platform, Kratos and Freya come down the boat. Without anywhere else to move, the two should climb up the walls.

God of War Ragnarok favor 6

  • Once you reach the top, prepare to battle. There are enemies waiting for you up, Kratos and Freya would make a team to defeat all the enemies. We’ve only marked two here, but there are more once you reach the platform!

God of War Ragnarok favor 7

  • Defeat all the enemies and scoot over near Freya on your right. Facing a gate, on your right again, aim at a lantern, and let Freya throw her Arrow at it.

God of War Ragnarok favor 8

  • Freya destroys the lantern and it clears the way for them. Head towards a chained post, and cut it using Kratos’ Blades.

God of War Ragnarok favor 9

  • The first fin emerges once you cut it down, so ready your Axe to unchain the fin. Aim at the circle on the chain to free the fin.

God of War Ragnarok favor 10

Go around and climb up

You may want to go around the area after freeing the first fin. You’re in the right place when you reach an area blocked off by an ore.

The Weight of Chains 11

  • Find a chain behind you, that is where you’ll climb up.

The Weight of Chains 12

  • Once you reach the top, head to the right side. There’s a stone with ancient writing on it, a Lore Marker – Regarding The Removal of Resources appears, and this confirms you’re on the right track.

The Weight of Chains 13

Free the second fin

Move a little bit back from the stone writing, and you may see a Wooden Chest across.

The Weight of Chains 14

  • Grapple your way to the other side where you can see the Wooden Chest. Gather the Hacksilver, and move along. Ready Kratos to face unexpected enemies ahead! More Draugrs appear, and Freya would help you take them down.

The Weight of Chains 15

  • If you successfully kill all the enemies, head over the edge, and use the chain to go down. You may want to head over to the gate first and unlock it for easier navigation.

The Weight of Chains 17

  • You’ll find the second fin once you go down there through the chains. Open the gate, head back to the Lynkbakr bindings, cut the post, aim at the chain, and free the fin.

The Weight of Chains 16

Find the device under the Wretch Nest, and clear the paths

Freya would point out a Wretch Nest ahead, once the second fin is completely freed.

  • Wretches would appear, so aim at the Nest to kill them all. Remember that once you destroy the Wretch Nest, the creatures nearby would disappear.

God of War Ragnarok favor 18

  • Once the Nest breaks, Kratos and Freya find a device hidden under the Nest. Have Kratos pick up the device which happens to be Fire Bombs. Remember the ore blockage? You may use the bombs to destroy those ore blocks.

God of War Ragnarok favor 19

  • You may clear the ore blocking the chest with the red glow. Throw the bomb on the ore and watch as it breaks, then heads to open the chest, and collect the crafting components.

God of War Ragnarok favor 20

  • On your right, near the edge, Freya would point out a dock just there. Go to Freya’s position to have a nearer view of the ore blockage. Throw the second Fire Bomb on the blockage to clear the dock’s way for the both of you to continue the Weight of Chains’ favor!

God of War Ragnarok favor 21

  • Once broken, head over to the dock. Get back to where you left your boat, and paddle your way to the dock.

God of War Ragnarok favor 22

Unlock the gate

Kratos and Freya get off the boat, and just like the earlier method, you may climb the walls to reach the top.

  • Take note that there would be enemies once you reach the top so be prepared! There may be a bunch of them waiting for your arrival, defeat them to progress in the area.

God of War Ragnarok favor 24

  • If you see the gate on the other side, there’s another enemy up ahead guarding it. Grapple your way to the other side, and defeat the enemy there. Check out the Wooden Chest on the right side before you open the gate!

God of War Ragnarok favor 25

  • When you successfully defeat all the enemies, you may unlock the gate.

The Weight of Chains 26

Free the tail

You may want to grapple your head back over to the platform where you fought the enemies. Climb up a ledge and you may see the post there.

  • Cut the post once again, and the tail emerges from the waters. Although, you have to find an angle to cut the chain loose.

The Weight of Chains 27

  • Follow Freya’s direction. There would be a rope to slide down on, and you can find a Legendary Chest there.

The Weight of Chains - Rope to tail

The Weight of Chains - Legendary Chest

  • Additionally, you can find an area to access a hidden Runic Slate. Finish the Runic Slate and have Freya read the word to allow a gate nearby to lower. You’ll be needing to do this to progress in The Lost Treasure favor.

The Weight of Chains - Runic Slate

  • You may now head over to free the tail. Once you do, go down the dock and go near the Lyngbakr.
  • Go near the left eye of the Lyngbakr, and stop your boat beside its eye. This is where the favor ends and is completed in the God of War: Ragnarok.

The Weight of Chains 30

Ready for the next God of War: Ragnarok favor, warrior?

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