God of War: Ragnarok – Trail of the Dead guide

God of War Ragnarok - Trail of the Dead guide

More Favor guides of God of War: Ragnarok? We’re easy to talk to, so here you go. If we’ve helped you in your exploration of the game, we’ll gladly help you with the Trail of the Dead Favor now. This Favor would require you to explore around and fight quite a lot of enemies, so we hope you’re ready!

Trail of the Dead Favor guide

If you remember the Return of the River Favor, it would be required to finish that first. Also, this would be where The Sinkholes region in Vanaheim would be unlocked.

Return of the River Favor 13

  • Once you come down from the dam, the Trail of the Dead Favor would be automatically triggered.

Find the area

  • You have to find the feeding ground of the dragon, so hop on the docked boat. You will come across Ogres that are throwing rocks at Kratos just across you. Just head past them as they cannot be attacked from afar since they are Nokken-possessed.

Trail of the Dead Favor 2

  • Row to the right side, and there must be another way around to reach. Kratos has to row to a beach where you can dock the boat. There are enemies in the area so be sure to clear them all out first!

Trail of the Dead Favor 1

Burn the Bramble to clear the way

  • If you can see the Wooden Chest in the photo above, you have to jump over to that area. Loot the Chest and when you look up, a Bramble is there. Use the Sigil Arrows and the Blades of Chaos to burn it down. This would clear the way.

Trail of the Dead Favor 3

  • Head back down to the area where you docked your boat. From here, you can find an area to grapple on from afar. It should be near one of the Mystic Gateways in this area.
  • Now, hop on the boat and row once again.

Trail of the Dead Favor 4

Defeat the Ogres

  • You have to look for the area where the Ogres are. A landmark to help you arrive at the right area should be a blue flag. Dock your boat on the wooden platform and head down to reach the Ogres.

Trail of the Dead Favor 5

  • You can progress the Trial of the Dead Favor guide once you defeat all the enemies. The Ogres will just be up there so prepare for battle. Once you squeeze through the gap, your foes welcome you, and you have to take them all down.

Trail of the Dead Favor 6

  • Once the battle’s over, there should be a Red Chest around. Loot it and probably check out the area for a few Hacksilver rewards too.

Trail of the Dead Favor 7

A quick encounter with the dragon

  • As you are about to finish off the last Ogre, the dragon will swoop in and take it away. Now you have to look for a way to get to its lair.

Trail of the Dead Favor 8

Move to the next area

  • Head to the Mystic Gateway which should adjacent to a Celestial Altar. Here’s a map for reference, just in case you need one. This is where the Bramble you just cleared comes into play.

Trail of the Dead Favor 9

  • When you reach the area, on your right, there should be a wall where you can grapple your way up. Drop down from the right and follow the path to continue pursuing the dragon.

Trail of the Dead 10

Grapple your way across

  • Kratos reaches the end of the ledge and this is where the grappling begins. Just grapple your way forward until you reach the area where you cleared out the bramble.

God of War: Ragnarok 11 grapple

A Legendary Chest

  • Once you land in the upper area, a Legendary Chest appears to be on your right. Rush over to it and check out the loot. Kratos obtains a Light Runic Attack called Whisper of the World.

God of War: Ragnarok 12 legendary chest

Reach the Dragon’s Lair

  • Once looting is done, head to the path on the left side. This area is above where the defeated Ogres were, so don’t worry about flying rocks anymore. Kratos and his Companion must climb up the wall to reach the Dragon’s Lair.

God of War: Ragnarok 13 wall climb

Defeat the dragon

  • Once you reach the lair, the Trail of the Dead Favor changes its objective. Now, you have to defeat the Corpse Eater. Just as Kratos said, it’s either kill or be killed. Best of luck, warriors!

God of War: Ragnarok 14 slay dragon

  • The dragon you have to defeat is called The Corpse Eater. Most mini-bosses in God of War: Ragnarok have weaknesses so the Corpse Eater isn’t an exception. The Corpse Eater’s weak spot would be its throat. When you see its throat exposed and glowing, that’s the best time to throw your weapon at it.

God of War: Ragnarok 15 throat

Complete the Favor and get rewards

  • Perform a finisher to the Corpse Eater, and this marks the completion of the Trial of the Dead Favor in God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok 16 complete

  • Pick up the rewards left on the ground. There should be a new Lore Entry, the Sigil of Doom Amulet Enchantment, crafting components, resources, and some XP for the characters.

On to the next Favor, God of War: Ragnarok warriors?

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