God of War: Ragnarok – Tyr’s locations in the Realms

God of War Ragnarok - Tyr’s locations in the Realms

Ever wondered where to find Tyr in God of War: Ragnarok? It feels like you encounter Tyr everywhere you go in the Nine Realms. Well, no need to think through it too much as here’s a guide to Tyr’s location in the Realms. Maybe a little hide and seek with Tyr, let’s go!

All of Tyr’s locations

Although you should keep in mind that you have to finish The Broken Prison Favor to start this one. When you accomplished the prior Favor, we’ll begin with this one, ready?

1. Niflheim

  • You can find Tyr when you free him from the Asgardian Prison. He talks with Freya and Kratos in this meeting. This should be a part of The Broken Prison Favor. 

All of Tyr's locations 1 niflheim

  • It looks like Tyr starts thinking about the Ragnarok that passed, where to go, or what to do next. Once you free Tyr from his cell, he can be found in the other Realms. Keep an eye out for him on your journey, warriors!

2. Midgard

  • If you find yourself in Midgard, you can find him near the large helmet from his ruined statue. He should be near the Jotunheim Tower, obviously taking a look around and trying to wrap his head around the fact that Ragnarok did indeed take place.

All of Tyr's locations 5 midgard

  • When you find and climb your way up the stairs on an island in the river, you’ll encounter Tyr. It’s all a lot for Tyr to take in so don’t take it personally if he doesn’t want to talk!

3. Svartalfheim

  • In the realm of the Dwarves, players can find Tyr on the cliff where you struck the drum during the Weights of Chains Favor

8 God of War: Ragnarok svartalfheim

  • When you find Tyr there, he could be kneeling at the edge. He converses with Mimir about the whale that has been freed. After a while, Kratos would decide to leave Tyr alone in peace.

4. Vanaheim

  • Of course, with all the Favors in Vanaheim, Tyr also finds a way to be seen here. You can expect him to be in Freyr’s Camp. You may see Tyr doing some kind of meditation when you reach the area.

9 God of War: Ragnarok vanaheim

  • Head over to Tyr and he converses with Freya. However, he would be more approachable and warm this time around as he tells Freya about the important role she played in making sure that they were victorious over Odin during Ragnarok.

5. Alfheim

  • Pretty sure you know your way around Alfheim already, right? Tyr would be around The Strond area.
  • You need to go through a gap and follow a path to reach a cliff. Twilight Stones may be a landmark for you to remember to know you’re in the right place. A standing Tyr on a cliff welcomes you, by the way.

All of Tyr's locations 3 alfheim

  • Kratos can converse with Tyr in this location. You may want to listen to his sentiments about Freyr here. He wished to have been present to see the peace he forged between the Light and Dark Elves since we all know that Tyr is big on making peaceful negotiations instead of resolving conflict with violence.

All of Tyr's locations 2 alfheim

  • After hearing all of Tyr’s thoughts, he asks to be left once again so he could pay respects to Freyr.

6. Helheim

  • For the next Realm, you can catch Tyr in Helheim. Specifically, you can find the character in Hel’s Perch. He is seen performing similar movements he did back in Vanaheim at Freyr’s Camp. Only this time, his audience is Hraesvelgr, the eagle watching over this realm.

All of Tyr's locations 4 helheim

  • Players won’t be able to interact with Tyr at this location. If you’re having trouble looking for Hel’s Perch, go left after arriving at the Mystic Gateway and just follow the path. It should lead you to this area.

7. Muspelheim

  • Lastly, you can find Tyr in the Realm of Muspelheim. If you came from the Burning Cliffs, head to the Spark of the World, just past Surtr’s Forge.

7 God of War: Ragnarok muspelheim

  • Tyr can be found sitting down on the ground, near the area where Surtr sacrificed himself. He would briefly converse with Freya and ask about what happened there. As Freya tells Tyr about Surtr’s sacrifice for Ragnarok, he laments about Sinmara grieving the loss of her lover.

Tyr seems like a pretty chill guy for someone considered as the God of War. Wonder if we’ll see more of his strength in the next game! What do you think, warriors? 

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