Going Medieval: Underground Storage Easy Guide

Going Medieval survival has its drawbacks. Troubles such as how to maintain food fresh throughout the hot weather is a crucial factor to consider for your inhabitants. This is where the underground storage system applies. For now, until home fridges are invented 500 years in the future, storing perishables in a cool storeroom renders for an interesting suitable replacement!

Underground Storage

  • In the lower right corner of your window, choose the pickaxe symbol from the tools menu.
  • Identify the location wherever you want your underground storage by clicking and dragging with the Right Mouse Button.
  • Going Medieval doesn’t instantly finish construction works, but when your townsfolk are available, they might head over and start digging.

  • All underground storage is preferable compared to simply letting food perish, but the temperature drops as you dig deeper.
  • Contemplate digging down in a certain floor area once more if you’d like to take your storage systems deeper.
  • Just keep in mind there are stairs and passageways on each level so your employees can get to the storage rooms.
  • Digging a pleasant cool underground bunker to store all your food is a great start, but you’ll want further assets to fully safeguard your resources.
  • Instruct your residents to construct a wall around the underground storage location on the ground level.

  • Protect everything with a roof, and don’t overlook to include a door so your guests can enter and exit.
  • Position the door located near the top of the staircases for optimum space-saving efficiency.
  • Lastly, press F7 or choose the zoning tool from the lower-left section of the window. You can choose between 3 different stockpiles for your storeroom. Pick the default type for food storage.

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