The 14.10 update of Fortnite Season 4 has added many features to the Epic Games x Marvel crossover. There has been the release of week three challenges, but the daily challenges are the ones that are leaving us with questions like: What is a Gorger? Here you’ll discover what they are so you know how to destroy a Gorger in Fortnite.

Note- This week three challenges include searching chests at Steamy Stacks, collecting wood from Weeping Woods, and visiting Panther’s Prowl.

The challenge reads itself as: destroy a Gorger for 10,000 XP.

Gorger? What is it?

  • A Galactus drone
  • Epic Games’ website says that they collect loot and that – if you succeed in killing them – you can collect what they’ve vacuumed up.
  • Hard to find and very difficult to conquer. 

How to destroy a Gorger? 

  • Look for a red beam in the sky and follow it’s direction. 
  • Most people seem to have found Gorger at the bridge between Retail Row and Lazy Lake and at the bridge between Salty Springs and Weeping Woods.
  • Either way, keep a close eye for the red beam. 
  • Once you actually do find it, it will take a hard and long time to destroy it. 
  • But you should try and attempt to defeat Gorger for the loot. 
  • It’s recommended to maintain distance and shoot from afar to avoid getting attacked by any beams. 


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