God of War: Ragnarok – How to defeat Forest Ancient

God of War Ragnarok - How to defeat Forest Ancient

Who else thinks that most of the boss fights in God of War: Ragnarok just makes you cry? Because we do! Sometimes, mini-bosses like The Hateful or even Berserkers are tougher to beat than the actual bosses in the game. Well, just in case you need some help on another mini-boss in God of War: Ragnarok, you may stay with us here. Here’s how to defeat Forest Ancient in God of War: Ragnarok, and check out more tips at the end!

How to defeat Forest Ancient

The first time you encounter an Ancient will be while you are in Vanaheim with Freya. You’ll see the mini-boss while helping Freya break Odin’s curse. There are different kinds of Ancients you’ll encounter in God of War: Ragnarok, but the first one you’ll meet is the Forest Ancient. You’ll need precision, patience, and dodging for this mini-boss fight. Let’s start defeating this God of War: Ragnarok mini-boss, shall we?

Meet Forest Ancient

  • Once you reach the area where the Forest Ancient is, you should know what it would look like. When it spots the presence of Kratos, its whole body starts glowing red and this means it’s preparing to unleash hell on you.

How to defeat Forest Ancient 1

  • However, do remember that you cannot attack just yet. You have to wait until the Forest Ancient uses its forearms to shield its torso or chest part.

Its exposed chest and fireballs

  • Kratos should aim its attacks at Forest Ancient’s chest. Obviously, this enemy doesn’t want Kratos to have a clear view of its chest because it’s basically the Forest Ancient’s weak point. You’ll know it’s ready to attack once it puts its arms down and you can now see its torso

How to defeat Forest Ancient 2

  • Even though the Forest Ancient is vulnerable, prepare to dodge fireballs the enemy is firing your way. These fireballs, when it hits Kratos, would slowly decrease your health because you’ll catch on fire, so watch out!

How to defeat Forest Ancient 3

No close melee attacks and fire rays

  • If you have the chance to get close to the Forest Ancient, you wouldn’t want to have your attacks to be deflected. Its stone body would take any damage with any of your close melee attacks, for your information. By the way, Freya would give you a tip to hit its chest to damage the mini-boss.

How to defeat Forest Ancient 4

  • Additionally, you can expect another attack from the Forest Ancient. It has fire rays, a laser-like attack coming from its chest, and you should want to avoid that one as far as you can get. When it touches Kratos, expect your health to decrease rapidly because of the attack’s burning effect, just like in the photo below.

How to defeat Forest Ancient 5

Hit the Forest Ancient’s chest

  • Once you successfully hit its chest, it would drop an ice-like item that Freya instructs you to grab and use against the mini-boss. Once you get ahold of the item, throw it at its chest again. This would stun the Forest Ancient for about five seconds and would be an opening for Kratos to attack its vulnerable part.

How to defeat Forest Ancient 6

  • The vulnerable part of the bosses usually glows and for the Forest Ancient, it’s the chest. You have to aim directly and attack its chest if you want to defeat this mini-boss. Moreover, you should take a peek when the bar below Forest Ancient health turns full, this gives Kratos a chance to hop on the mini-boss. This would deal great damage to the enemy so make sure to do combos!

How to defeat Forest Ancient 7

  • Oh, by the way, the Forest Ancient can summon allies in the game. It would aid him in battle, so you may want to defeat these enemies first before focusing back on the mini-boss. You can use the Blades of Chaos to defeat these small enemies.

God of War: Ragnarok enemy 8

Few more tips on how to defeat Forest Ancient

  • Do make sure that Kratos is equipped with the right armor, and also dodging would be the best way to win this fight. The Forest Ancient oftentimes would fight over a long distance so you have to dodge your way through the battle.

God of War: Ragnarok tip 9

  • You have to move around and avoid corners in the area. You wouldn’t want to get cornered because that would mean being killed by the Forest Ancient right away. So run around while dodging to defend yourself against this mini-boss.
  • You don’t have to go near the boss unless you can hop on it and attack it. Melee attacks would be useless, you can hit and damage it when you aim at its vulnerable part. You just have to find the best opening for your attacks, and grab all the items it drops to help you!

God of War: Ragnarok defeat 10

  • Also, take on the smaller enemies first when they spawn. It’s better to fight with the mini-boss without any distractions on the side. And lastly, the best type of Spartan Rage you can use against Forest Ancient would be Valour. Once the rage meter is filled, you can restore your health with it.

Don’t forget to explore the area for rewards and crafting components once you defeat Forest Ancient, warriors!

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