Honestly, defeating bosses or even just mini-bosses is one of the hardest things to do when you play a game. In God of War: Ragnarok, taking down these bosses may be a little too hard for you to do alone. So, if you’re stuck in this mini-boss, here’s a guide on how to defeat The Hateful. This may require patience and a lot of determination and tactics to take down. We’ll guide you through it here, so stay with us!

The Hateful

Just a piece of information before we start here, The Hateful should be one of the trickiest mini-bosses in God of War: Ragnarok. If you encounter The Hateful while journeying, defeat this enemy to destroy the Draugr Hole in that area. It’s also important to note that your Leviathan Axe is your best friend when fighting against The Hateful. Your Blades of Chaos won’t be of much help since you’ll need Frost to defeat The Hateful.

  • Also, a side note, when you first defeat The Hateful, you’ll be presented with a Favor called Born from Fire. You are required to destroy the Draugr Holes while you explore the Nine Realms, so watch out for that! Take note that there would be other Draugrs appearing, so get ready for a number of enemies up ahead. So now, how would you beat the mini-boss?

How to defeat The Hateful

  • Once you reach the area, The Hateful spawns and long-range attacks would not be the best way to damage it. The boss dodges to its sides when thrown long-range attacks, so you may want to rush over to it, just when you can.
  • On the other hand, you can also wait for The Hateful to get up close and personal with Kratos. Be on your guard, though, as The Hateful may unleash a deadly combo of attacks if you’re close to it.

How to defeat The Hateful 1

  • In line with that, you may want to wait for The Hateful to attack, and dodge or parry. In case you see The Hateful glowing brightly red, DO NOT perform a melee attack on it. When you do so, the flames on its body would explode and this would greatly decrease Kratos’ health.
  • If you want to interrupt The Hateful’s flame-infusing into its body, throw your Leviathan Axe at it. If you successfully interrupt it, you will see The Hateful’s body give off a small explosion. It will now be safe to attack it up close.

How to defeat The Hateful 3

  • Be mindful of The Hateful’s attacks with red rings. These are unblockable and you will lose a good chunk of your health if you get hit with this attack.

How to defeat The Hateful 2

Learn the basics

  • Before you jump into this battle, make sure you mastered the art of dodging, parrying, and shielding yourself. In this way, you wouldn’t be panicked about what to do when you face The Hateful.
  • Dodge and parry are basic moves you should learn before battling and is very much helpful in a fight like this. The Hateful oftentimes would hit you with different attacks, so defense is the key!

Lure The Hateful to an open space

  • You may want to move into an open space for Kratos to move freely. He would be easily cornered once you stay in the area where The Hateful spawned. More chances of dodging and moving away from the attacks mean a better chance of winning in this boss fight. Also, make use of any breakable or throwable object in the environment. Just take a peek at the photo below, Kratos made use of the trunk against The Hateful.

God of War: Ragnarok, how to defeat The Hateful 3

Utilize Kratos’ defensive skills

  • Aside from backing down and attacking The Hateful, one thing that you should utilize well in this mini-boss fight would be your defense. Use your shield in defending yourself, and perform Kratos’ Shield Strike or Shield Ability which can stun The Hateful for a short while.

God of War: Ragnarok, how to defeat 5

The Leviathan Axe’s Runic Attacks

  • When you face The Hateful, it would a huge advantage to have your Axe equipped with Runic Attacks. These combinations or hits would give a good deal of damage to your opponent while inflicting them with Frost

God of War: Ragnarok, how to defeat 6

A Companion and the Resurrection Stone

  • As we near to end of this guide, do keep in mind that Companions are important in God of War: Ragnarok. Well, aside from the fact that you need them in using the Resurrection Stone, they can help in attacking too. It may not be the biggest damage, but an attack is an attack, so this would be a lot helpful in defeating enemies!
  • If we are, to be honest, it would be hard to defeat The Hateful at once. And this leads us to add in this guide that you should carry the Resurrection Stone when you face this boss. It would be advantageous if you wouldn’t want its health to regenerate to its maximum once you’ve been slain. So, keep the Stone all the time!

Once you successfully defeat The Hateful, head back to where it spawned. You may collect all the rewards there! Let us know how did you defeat the mini-boss below.

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