God of War Ragnarok - How to open the Desert Door

If you’re on a roll, then we are too! In case you finished another Favor in God of War: Ragnarok while being in Alfheim, are you up for another one? If you are, let’s get this show on the road! We hope you finished Freyr’s Gift Favor because this is most likely the next Favor you’ll run into. We’ll give you a guide on how to open the Desert Door AKA the Desert Door Favor in God of War: Ragnarok!

The Desert Door Favor

Once you successfully complete the Favor called Freyr’s Gift in The Forbidden Sands, you may find items in the blue rings on the floor. Since there wouldn’t be a sandstorm anymore, you can either pick it up depending on your mood. The sled would automatically pick it up for you if opt to use it. So how to open the Desert Door? Here you go.

How to trigger

  • Once you take the route on your right, you’ll find one blue ring just ahead of you. Peek at the blue ring on the desert floor, and pick up a glowing key in the middle. This begins the Desert Door Favor in the game. This should be the first half of the key, so you have to find the second half around.

How to open the Desert Door 1

The second half of the key

  • To find the second half of the key, have your characters go northeast. You can easily spot a blue ring with a glowing key near the wall. To easier see it more, there would be a lit torch on the wall. Pick up the glowing item, and you will be instructed to find a door for the completed key.

How to open the Desert Door 2

Find the Desert Door

  • Now, you have to look for the Desert Door. Use Freyr’s Statue as a landmark to know where you’re going. Facing the statue, go right until you come across some ruins. There would be another blue ring near the ruins, and if you have to grapple your way up, that’s the right place.

How to open the Desert Door 3

  • When you look over your right, there would be a wall to grapple on. Once you jump on it, Kratos will launch himself through the breakable wall. As soon as he gets to this area, you will have to face off against a few enemies.

How to open the Desert Door 4

  • Do clear the area to find a Buried Treasure. Make sure you already have the Forgotten Tower Treasure Map in your inventory to interact with this object.

The Desert Door Favor 5

Unlock the Door and defeat Gravel Belly

  • You’ll find the Desert Door in the area where you can finally use the key. Although beware, there should be an enemy ready for you behind the locked door! Once you’re ready, you can have Kratos interact with the door to unlock it.

The Desert Door Favor 6

  • You’ll find a Drake being freed for the first time in a while. Ready your battle skills with your Companion as you work on defeating this mini-boss. Using melee attacks would be the best way to take down the Gravel Belly. Dodge and shield to survive until the end of the match to win this fight.

The Desert Door Favor 7

  • When you manage to win against the Gravel Belly, this should make the Desert Door Favor in God of War: Ragnarok complete. Don’t miss out on the rewards around the area, get them all!

How to open the Desert Door 8

Go through the gap

  • You were successful with the Favor but it would be nice to explore the area too. You may find a gap on your right while facing the Desert Door, that you can go through. Who would resist more collectibles, right? You’ll find another item that belongs to the Tributes to Freyr.

God of War: Ragnarok freyr 9

  • Take a peek at the Yggdrasil rift on the side, and to complete the area, you may want to take care of it as well. Interact with the Realm Tear, and two Raiders would be there to attack you.

God of War: Ragnarok raiders 10

  • Once you successfully defeat these Raiders, you can freely reach into the Realm Tear. Grab those rewards and collectibles inside! On to the next, warriors?

God of War: Ragnarok tear 11

How many Favors have you completed so far, warrior?

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