God of War Ragnarok - Lake of Nine Buried Treasure, Where to find

It’s been a while since God of War: Ragnarok came out, how’s your adventure going? We may assume that you’ve completed the main story of the game that’s why we’re here. As we all know Lake of Nine has full of collectibles throughout the storyline. Are you aware that across Lake of Nine you can retrieve buried treasures? If not, we got it all covered, where to find the buried treasure in Lake of Nine? Coming right up!

Buried Treasure in Lake of Nine

We know you want to find the treasure all by yourself, however, you can’t see them on the map. This Buried Treasure is not marked or seen on the map, so to make things easier, you may follow the guide below.

  • There are two (2) types of Buried Treasure in the Lake of Nine. The two kinds of treasures happen to be the Demise of Dagestr and Viking’s Gift.
  • These Buried Treasures may only be found once you finish the story. So hurriedly go back to Lake of Nine after completing the main quest, and let’s get down to hunting!

Demise of Dagestr

Once you’re back in Lake of Nine, the exact location where to find the Demise of Dagestr is the Raider Fort. Check your map and move it to the western side of Lake of Nine.

  • The treasure is buried inside the Raider Fort so you have to climb up to reach the ledge and just move following the way.
  • Moreover, the Demise of Dagestr can be seen at the end of the alley. As the title goes, it’s a buried treasure so you can find it on the ground — shimmering.
God of War Ragnarok, demise of dagestr
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Geek Globe via YouTube

Viking’s Gift

Now, only you have to do is find your way to the second location. Move to the easter side of Lake of Nine just before you reach the King’s Grave.

  • It should be on the ground just in front of two giant doors. If you reached the Raider Hideout before, the buried treasure can be seen close to its cave entrance.
God of War Ragnarok, vikings
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Adam Ninja via YouTube
  • You can just pick it up, and there you have it! These are the Buried Treasure in Lake of Nine!


However, if you encounter some trouble, you may not have grabbed the pre-requisite items for these treasures. Don’t worry, we got you, you just have to retrieve the artifacts of the buried treasures, and follow the locations below.

  • To retrieve the Treasure Map of the Demise of Dagestr, you have to head to the Sverd Sands (for easier navigation, search for the Applecore area, it’s just near that). Once you get to the top, there should be a lift you can utilize to reach the underground area.
Buried Treasure in Lake of Nine, demise
Screengrab Image Courtesy of WoW Quests via YouTube
    • Find a visible wall crack then throw your spear on it. Hop on your spear to reach the top ledge, and you will see the artifact on the right side.
  • On the other hand, the Treasure Map of the Viking’s Gift can be found in the Lake of Nine. Just head directly to the Raider Fort, however, you’ll be encountering quite several enemies around. Clear the area first before you can find the area.
Buried Treasure in Lake of Nine, vikings
Image Courtesy of Segment Next
    • Explore the fort to find the map. There should be a tent in the middle of the area, so check it out and find a Treasure Map on the ground.

There you have it, all things you need to find the Buried Treasure in Lake of Nine! Ready for the next God of War: Ragnarok adventure?

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