God of War: Ragnarok – Song of the Sands guide

If you cleared the sandstorm during the Secret of the Sands side quest, then take on this Favor to free another trapped Hafgufa! Ready to reunite the two Hafgufas and hear the song of the Forbidden Sands? Here’s the Song of the Sands Favor guide in God of War: Ragnarok, let’s complete it together!

The Song of the Sands Favor

For this Side Quest, you can unlock it after completing the Secret of the Sands Favor in the Alfheim Desert. So without further ado, let’s get down to business AKA freeing these lovely Hafgufa!

At the Alfheim Desert

  • Once the sandstorms are cleared, go left of the Alfheim Desert. You can now unlock a gate that leads you to another region, The Barrens. The sandstorms appear again which means another Hafgufa seems to be trapped underground.
  • To find the Hafgufa, you have to search for a cave entrance. We suggest you make your way around the sandstorms while riding on the sled to look for the hive cage. When you come across two lit torches, that usually indicates that a cave entrance is there.

Song of the Sands 1

Reach The Burrows

  • You have to go down the entrance to find a hidden region called The Burrows. Aim one of your Companion’s Sonic Arrows to break the blockage and proceed further into the new region.

Song of the Sands 2

A new hive matter

  • There will be new types of hive matter down in The Burrows. For the first one, have your Companion (either Atreus or Freya) shoot one of their Sonic Arrows at the odd-looking hive matter. It opens once the Sonic Arrow hits it because of the Sonic vibrations.
  • Once it opens up, have your companion shoot another Arrow to clear the way on the other side.

HIve matter sonic vibrations 3

  • You can now grapple your way into a new area in The Burrows.

Song of the Sands 4

  • Expect another kind of hive matter when you reach this point. You have to move through the walls until you can find a way to grapple to another side. Look up to find an angle to stick your Blades and swing over.

God of War: Ragnarok grapple 5

  • Once you reach the area a denser hive matter welcomes Kratos and a few Twilight Stones around. You can use these Stones to clear out the hive matter in front of you.

Hive matter Hafgufa 6

  • Use the Twilight Stone on the ground to let your Axe bounce off it to the hive matter and clear your way. The blue line guides you to know if it’s the perfect angle!

Defeat enemies

  • After successfully using the Twilight Stone to clear your way, there would be enemies up ahead so defeat them! Be quick to destroy the Wretch Nest to easily defeat them, and be aware of the other enemies too.

Song of the Sands 7

More hive matter up ahead

  • On your left, you’ll see a Twilight Stone hanging from the ceiling, so you have to turn it to face the hive matter. Utilize the Leviathan Axe to turn the Stone, and aim at it to bounce off to destroy the hive matter. Then, don’t forget to open the Chest.

God of War: Ragnarok Song of the Sands 8

  • Move forward below while grappling. Once you jump down a ledge, use one of the Sonic Arrows of your Companion to open up the hive matter.

God of War: Ragnarok sonic hive 9

  • Behind the sonic hive matter, there should be a Twilight Stone. To break the dense hive matter, throw your Axe toward the Stone at an angle that it would hit and destroy the hive.

God of War: Ragnarok dense hive matter 10

More further down and defeat enemies

  • Once the way is cleared, you have to grapple your way around and down deeper The Burrows. However, when you reach the platform, there would be Grim and Elves ahead so have Kratos go in there swinging!

God of War: Ragnarok Song of the Sands 11

Clear the hive matter

  • Once there are no more enemies around, you can climb up the wall with markings. More hive matter is blocking the way to the Hafgufa. Drop down the ledge directly in front of you to clear the way.

God of War: Ragnarok ledge 12

  • Find an angle to break all three in one go. Once you find it, throw Kratos’ Leviathan Axe to destroy all hive matter in view.

Hive matter 14

Reach the trapped Hafgufa

  • Now you can go to the Hafgufa with all that hive matter gone. Similar to the Secrets of the Sand side quest, you need to break the hive matter binding and trapping the Hafgufa underground.
  • On your left, you can find a Twilight Stone where you can bounce your Axe off. This would break a dense hive matter above you, so find the best angle. Once broken, Kratos can grapple on this area to start breaking the bindings.

Trapped Hafgufa 15

First binding

  • Once you grapple to the lone platform, look at your left side. Have your Companion throw a Sonic Arrow to break the sonic hive matter to reveal a Twilight Stone. Then Kratos should aim his Axe directly at the Stone to break the first binding of the Hafgufa.

First Hafgufa hive matter binding 16

Second binding

  • Go back from where you came from, and peek at your right side. Find an angle straight ahead to break the two hive matter and destroy the second binding from there.

Second Hafgufa hive matter binding 17

Third binding

  • Again, grapple your way to the lone ledge, and you’ll see another lined-up hive matter there. This should be two hive matter ahead of you, so find the perfect angle to break it in one go.

Third Hafgufa hive matter binding 18

Go back to the surface

  • Before you return back to the surface, you can pass by a newly unlocked area behind you. You can peek at a Legendary Chest on the other side of the room, but of course, enemies should appear around before you reach it.
  • One of the Tributes to Freyr is also in this area so look for the item with the purple glow on the ground!

God of War: Ragnarok leg chest 19

  • You can grapple your way up although a few hive matter blocks Kratos’ way. Check out your surroundings for some Twilight Stones to help you clear out the hive matter.
  • When you reach the ledge with the red chest, there is a Twilight Stone hanging from the ceiling which you could rotate using your Axe. Face the Twilight Stone on the other Stone stuck on the wall so it bounces off to the hive matter.

Free the Hafgufa 20

  • You can now grapple your way up and near to exit The Burrows. However, you’ll be attacked by another Elf on your way out. Defeat it, and you can freely leave the cave.

Complete the Song of the Sands Favor

  • Once you exit, you may want to head over to the hive cage to completely free the Hafgufa. Run to your left and find a glowing area in front of you.

Song of the Sands Favor 21

  • Destroy the hive cage, and free the Hafgufa. Notice that the sandstorms cleared up, and this marks the completion of the Song of the Sands Favor in God of War: Ragnarok.

Hafgufa 22

Did you get the Full Gafa achievement, warriors?

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