Grab your controllers and ready yourselves for another Favor guide up ahead. If you need help with some parts of your adventure, you may count on us to give you the latest guides! So sit back, chill, and follow us here as we guide you through The Burning Skies Favor in God of War: Ragnarok!

The Burning Skies Favor guide

To kick off this guide, this Favor may be triggered at The Sinkholes region in The Crater. Remember the Return of the River Favor? That’s where you can find trigger The Burning Skies side quest in God of War: Ragnarok.

  • You can trigger this Side Quest automatically when you first arrive at a location where there is a Celestial Altar, Mystic Gateway, and a Berserker Gravestone.

Continue rowing forward

  • You’ll be on rowing your boat with Freya as you head down to a new area. You can notice a mural on the wall which indicates that an ingredient needed for Across the Realms Favor should be here.
  • Before you find the nearest shore to dock your boat at, you can find a dragon flying from a distance overhead. It lurks as Kratos brings the boat to a stop at a nearby shore.

The Burning Skies Favor 1

Lower gate

  • Be mindful of the dragon since when it sees you get out of the boat, it would try and set you on fire with its fiery breath. You should make sure that the dragon isn’t preparing to blow its flames before heading to the chain.

The Burning Skies Favor 2

  • When you look out and dodge the flames, you can now pull the chain. Lowering the gate would be efficient for you once you finish the Side Quest. This gate is the easiest way out near the Mystic Gateway where you rescue one of the Stags.

The Burning Skies Favor 3

Lift the other gate

  • Once the gate is completely lowered, head back to where you docked your boat. There should be a cave you can enter, so lift the gate up, and enter.

The Burning Skies Favor 4

  • Be ready to fight off some Draugrs as soon as you enter the cave-like area. On your left, a Draugr pops out off a rock wall. There should be more along the way so be ready for battle until you clear the place from these enemies.

The Burning Skies Favor 5

  • Quickly make your way into the small corner on the left to avoid the dragon’s fiery breath. Then, plant Spears on each of the glowing cracks on the rubble to your right. Detonate them simultaneously to unlock a new area. Heads up that there are more of these pesky Draugrs on the way!

The Burning Skies Favor 6

Defeat more Draugrs and avoid fire

  • Head over to the area of the destroyed rubble. We wouldn’t get tired of telling you to put your guards up as Draugrs happen to be around the area, defeat them all!

The Burning Skies Favor 7

  • A wave of Draugrs welcomes you once you turn left to a dark-lit path. Don’t worry, you only have to get rid of them to clear the area for a while to get near the dragon.
  • Once the Draugrs are defeated, now you have to avoid the fire. It wouldn’t reach you, but just be mindful of it while you move closer to reach the dragon.

The Burning Skies Favor 8

Block the way

  • There would be a ledge where you can climb up and out of the tunnel. Just peek at the photo below, you wouldn’t want to be burned, right?

The Burning Skies Favor 9

  • Once you go up the ledge, move to your left, there’s a corner you can use as cover while you look for a way out.
  • While hidden from the sight of the dragon, peek at the right side and stick a Spear on the glowing crack.

God of War: Ragnarok 10 draupnir

  • Once you detonate it, the rocks would block the way and sight of the dragon. Because of this, the dragon has no choice but to retreat and leave Kratos alone for now.

God of War: Ragnarok 11 block

The Untamed Fury ambush

  • Once you climb up and reach a new area, Kratos and Freya will be welcomed by a new enemy ahead. A mini-boss fight happens and now you face The Untamed Fury.

God of War: Ragnarok 12 the untamed fury

  • However, this mini-boss only stays for a while. It blinds your sight for a bit and then would decide to just vanish. This means you’ll probably face the enemy once again in The Sinkholes region.

God of War: Ragnarok 13 enemy vanish

The Nornir Chest

  • Before you reach the area where the dragon awaits, Kratos comes across a Nornir Chest. We’ll help you find a way to open it, don’t worry! You need to find three seals to break to unlock it, so let’s start searching.
  • The first seal can be seen on the wall where you’ll climb to reach the Ash Tyrant. Aim your Draupnir Spear at it and you can detonate it when you find the other two.

The Burning Skies Favor 22

  • Moreover, the second seal should be on the left after you reach this area. This is near the area where you were avoiding the dragon’s flames earlier. Stick one of your Spears at the second seal.

The Burning Skies Favor 23

  • Lastly, the third seal can be found near the chain you can go down to reach the docked boat. It would be up the pillar so look up to find it there. When you stick the Spear on the last seal, you can detonate the Spears simultaneously.

The Burning Skies Favor 24

  • Head back to the Nornir Chest, and retrieve the rewards. Kratos obtains the Horn of Blood Mead from the Chest.

Reach the Ash Tyrant

  • Once you collected the Nornir Chest rewards, you can now climb up to face the mini-boss. Are you ready?

God of War: Ragnarok 14 climb

  • As soon as you climb up, be on guard as the Ash Tyrant dragon should come flying overhead.

God of War: Ragnarok 15 ash tyrant

  • This dragon may be the strongest kind in the Realm of Vanaheim. Also, look out when it summons more enemies to aid itself during the battle.

God of War: Ragnarok 16 enemies

Destroy the first pillar

  • After clearing out the summoned enemies, move closer to the pillar. The first time that the Ash Tyrant sits on one of the pillars, you may see a glowing crack on the side. Aim your Spear at the crack and detonate it to destroy the pillar.
  • If you don’t see the glowing crack right away, just wait until one of your Companions says something about knocking the Ash Tyrant off of where it’s perched.

God of War: Ragnarok 17 pillar

  • The dragon comes down, so make sure you can damage it as much as you can!

Destroy the second pillar

  • You have to wait for the right time when the Ash Tyrant perches itself on the second pillar.
  • Wait for the glowing crack where you can stick your Draupnir Spear at. Once placed, make it explode to break the second pillar. The dragon falls once again so you can damage it more.

God of War: Ragnarok 18 second pillar

Complete the Favor

  • To defeat the Ash Tyrant in this game, it would be best to aim at its weak spot AKA its throat. Perform the finisher to successfully defeat the mini-boss. The Burning Skies Favor of God of War: Ragnarok should be marked completed.

God of War: Ragnarok 20 complete favor

  • The rewards for this successful battle include some Resources, Hacksilver, an Amulet Enchantment called Seal of Runic Storm, and EXP points for Kratos and Companion.
  • Before you leave the area, look for one of Odin’s Ravens near the river. Find the best angle to take down the Raven with either your Axe or your Spear.

The Burning Skies Favor 21

How are you faring against the dragons in Vanaheim, warriors?

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