Berry Leather Grounded Guide

Getting a Berry Leather in Grounded is a time-consuming job. The resources are not easily available. But worry not, we’re here to help you with the Berry Leather Guide and everything you need to know about it.

First of all, you’ll need Berries to make Berry Chunks. And Berries are found in one specific location in the backyard which is filled with dangerous bugs and spiders. So, you need to be careful while picking these berries. If you have an axe with you, that’s even better.

Where to find Berries

You can find Berries in the far southeastern corner of the map. There will be a massive bush which would like like a wall. Take a bow, shoot the berries, and they will fall. You can collect them easily. If you don’t have a bow, just chop the berries on the ground with your axe. There can be spiders guarding the area though, so be careful.

Berry Leather

Collect 3 Berry Chunks and then craft Berry Leather. To do so, go to your Workbench. If you don’t have a Workbench, you’ll have to first create one. To unlock the Workbench recipe, place Sap in an Analyzer. The Workbench will cost you 4 Sprigs, 2 Sap, and 3 Grass Planks.

Once you’ve done that, you can easily craft Berry Leather. It’s very useful in crafting recipes.

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