Some players might find GTA Online intimidating and challenging. Nevertheless, they always have the option to choose their preferred game time and leagues. Players are supposed to save virtual money to invest in clubhouses and hangars. Hurdling over the first milestone of savings, they venture into the world of illegal desired businesses. 

In Grand Theft Auto, players find it easy and convenient to purchase clubhouses in the beginning as they have low prices and considerable profit margins.

Clubhouse Contract

  • You can purchase a clubhouse from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. 
  • After your purchase, you will have to register as the MC president of their Motorcycle Club. Business opportunities will come their way after the registration. 
  • Contracts will start to come upon the notice board in random groups of three one at a time. For the vacancies of multiplayer, players will have to register with Motorcycle Club in GTA Online.
  • Clubhouse Contracts presents the players with the opportunity to earn quick RP and cash. 

Full List of Clubhouse Contracts

  • By the Pound: Reward: $25,500 (If you deliver 2 bags successfully)
  • Cracked: Players may complete this Solo (Rewards Cash and RP)
  • Fragile Goods: Reward: $12,500 – $34,000
  • Guns for Hire: Reward: Cash and RP
  • Gunrunning: Reward: Cash and RP
  • Jailbreak: Reward: $22,500
  • Nine-Tenths of the Law: Reward: Cash and RP
  • Outrider: Reward: Cash and RP
  • P.O.W.: Reward: $23,000
  • Torched: Reward: Cash and RP

Grand Theft Auto V is a 2013 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. In 2021, it has assembled such a strong and incredible fan base that on events like GTA Online, it is celebrated within the gaming community.

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