GTA Trilogy: Cheats (Guns, Health, Vehicles, and More!)

Cheats in the GTA games are not new. Cheats can make change your experience of the game, making it more interesting and also easy at times. However, there have been some changes in the cheats that you can use with the Definitive editions. Some of the cheats from the original games will not work now, but that does not mean there are no interesting options.

Players should note that some cheats can interfere with the story progress, stopping you from completing some missions even if you disable them. Saving the game before you enter cheats is one of the easiest ways to make sure your progress is not affected. Activating a cheat is simple, you just have to type it in when playing.

GTA Vice City Cheats

Code Cheat
ASPIRINE Gives you full health
NUTTERTOOLS Gives Advanced Weapons
AIRSHIP Flying Boats
BIGBANG Vehicles explode
PANZER Tank is spawned near you
YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE Wanted level increases by two
NOBODYLIKESME Pedestrians attack you

The following cheats do not work in the remastered GTA Vice City.

Code Cheat
PROGRAMMER Thin arms and legs
DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS Thick arms and legs
HOPINGIRL Pedestrians enter your car
WHEELSAREALLINEED Cars are invisible except for wheels
CERTAINDEATH Character smokes a cigarette

GTA San Andreas Cheats

Code Cheat
INEEDSOMEHELP Full health and armor with $250,000 cash
FULLCLIP Infinite Ammo
NOONECANHURTME Bullets and fire cannot hurt you
ROCKETMAN Gives you a jetpack
BUBBLECARS Cars float away when hit
SPEEDFREAK Cars will have nitrous
ONLYHOMIESALLOWED Gang members appear everywhere
BLUESUEDESHOES Pedestrians become Elvis

IWANNADRIVEBY, which gives you full weapon aiming in vehicles, and WHEELSONLYPLEASE, which make cars invisible except for wheels will not work in the remastered GTA San Andreas.

GTA III Cheats

Code Cheats
MOREPOLICEPLEASE Increases wanted level
IFIWEREARICHMAN Gives more money
GUNSGUNSGUNS Gives you all weapons
ITSALLGOINGMAAAD Pedestrians begin rioting
CHITTYCHITTYBB Vehicles can fly
GESUNDHEIT Restores health to 100%

ANICESETOFWHEELS, which makes cars invisible, will not work in the remastered GTA III.

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