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In Halo, there are a total of 12 Skulls, although it’s important to note that 5 of them are discovered throughout the campaign, and they are in interiors that cannot be revisited. Because you can’t replay campaign missions yet, it’s critical to uncover these hidden Skulls on your first playthrough—or else you’ll have to restart the game or wait for a patch that permits you to replay missions.

Skulls Location

Name Effect Location
Boom The radius of an explosion is doubled.
  • The first skull can be found during the first quest, but it’s easy to miss.
  • You’ll find yourself in a lengthy room on the Warship Gbraakon, with a floor above you and three moving lifts to your right.
  • Through the breach in the ceiling, climb to the second story and board the middle lift.
  • If you’re facing the wall, the Boom skull is sitting on a container to your right.
Cowbell The speed of explosions is increased.
  • During the Foundation expedition, the second Halo Infinite skull is discovered. It’s difficult to obtain, let alone locate.
  • You’ll arrive at a hologram-filled region after picking up the Weapon.
  • Continue on until you enter a large area, then turn left until you reach the point where the room opens up, then use your scanner to discover the skull high above you.
  • It’s difficult to reach, but if you keep using your grapple to climb higher, you’ll ultimately get there.
Catch More grenades are thrown and dropped by enemies.
  • Head to the northern region of the map once you’ve reached Zeta Halo’s open world.
  • To the northwest of Outpost Tremonius, you should encounter a canyon.
  • There are adversaries here, but you can reclaim the Catch skull from a tree stump once you’ve defeated them.
The motion tracker is off.
  • This skull is in a small cave on the map’s very western edge.
  • It’s virtually exactly west of Halo Infinite FOB Alpha, and getting there with a vehicle will be considerably easier.
  • Search for a ledge at the western edge of the hexagonal columns. Among several abandoned helmets, the Fog skull is found inside an opening above the narrow shelf.
I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD). It gets increasingly common to hear rare combat talk.
  • The IWHBYD skull is on top of The Tower, and if you look closely, you can also notice the Craig easter egg nearby.
  • Taking a flying vehicle to the top is the most convenient way to get there.
  • Once you’re up there, search the area around the central structure for a collection of containers, where you’ll discover the skull perched atop a chest.
Blind The HUD and weapon do not appear on the screen.
  • The next skull can be discovered south of The Tower, where the last Halo Infinite skull was found.
  • A deep ravine should be visible here, so utilize a flying aircraft to investigate beneath the surface.
  • Here, the Blind skull can be found in a well-hidden cave. Make use of your scanner to assist you in pinpointing the exact position.
Thunderstorm Most foes’ ranks are raised.
  • The Thunderstorm skull is another difficult find. It’s atop a hexagonal column, seemingly in the midst of nowhere.
  • It’s close to the anti-aircraft gun area, and you’ll need to utilize your scanner to pinpoint its exact location.
  • Look around for a cluster of hexagonal columns once you’ve spotted the AA cannons.
  • The one you’re looking for is quite little and stands a little off to the side of the main group.
Black Eye Only when you melee adversaries do your shields replenish.
  • The Black Eye skull is discovered in a grotto hidden behind a high waterfall.
  • Even when you’re close, the entry is small and difficult to spot—look for the dark outline of the entrance on the right side of the waterfall, around halfway up.
  • Once inside, look for the skull on top of a stalagmite near the cave’s back.


Enemy-dropped weapons have half the ammo they would normally have.
  • This skull is on Zeta Halo’s far eastern outskirts. On your map, the region you’ll be visiting appears to be a small island.
  • The Famine skull is next to a dead elite on a cliff. Because of the bright yellow armor, the position is a little easier to see from the air.
Mythic Enemies’ health has improved.
  • You’ll reach a region where columns are passed through light and imprinted with markings once you’ve completed the Command Spire mission.
  • You’ll need to cling to one of the moving columns, then through the hole above you to reach the darker area above.
  • From here, use your grapple to reach a hard-to-see door higher up and get the Mythic skull from the room at the end of the corridor.
Grunt Birthday Party skull
Grunt headshots result in jubilant celebrations.
  • During the Repository mission, a Grunt Birthday Party skull is discovered. You’ll find yourself in a room with a terminal in the middle.
  • Activate the terminal to summon a light bridge that leads to one of the room’s exterior doors. Make your way to the right-hand door.
  • Take the power seed from the interior at the end of the corridor to the room on the other side.
  • You’ll be greeted by golden metal plating on the walls of your room. If you gaze upon the wall ahead, you should see an opening that you can reach with your grapple.
  • This opening would be unreachable if you hadn’t placed the power seed before. There are a few elites to deal with here, you can take the Grunt Birthday Party skull.


Removes equipment cooldowns and grants infinite weapon ammunition and grenades.
  • During the Silent Auditorium task, the final skull is discovered. If you kill any sentinels before entering the huge area, the final skull will not spawn.
  • Instead, keep going until you reach a pair of light bridges in the level. Activate them and walk across the room into a long room.
  • Grapple up to the top of the structure in the center to claim your treasure, which is a Bandana skull.

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