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Bassus is a Banished Brute with a gigantic Gravity Hammer in Halo Infinite. He will charge towards Master Chief throughout the battle. Players must move fast around the arena with an enhanced Grappleshot to avoid Bassus’ attacks. If players do not improve their Grappleshot, the boss battle will be considerably tougher. This is because the Grappleshot will take far too long to cool down each time it is used.

There are methods to slow him down, and this Bassus boss guide will show you how to destroy him as quickly and easily as possible in Halo Infinite.

How To Beat Bassus

Bassus is Halo Infinite’s second boss, and he can be difficult to beat without the appropriate strategy. Players should spend some time exploring Recovery and collecting Spartan Cores before undertaking Halo Infinite’s campaign, Excavation Site. In which, they must battle Bassus, who employs powerful melee attacks and moves rapidly.

  • As soon as the combat begins, Bassus will charge at Master Chief, and a few blows with the Gravity Hammer can be fatal. On a harsher difficulty setting, players could perish after just one hit. To win this boss fight, players must use the Grappleshot to toss Master Chief around the arena while hitting Bassus with long-range attacks.
  • Between avoiding his lethal melee attacks, players will need to hit Bassus regularly to reduce his shields. Bassus’ shields regenerate if too much time passes without him being struck, therefore players should strike him as much as they can, even if it’s just to keep his shields down.
Image Courtesy of theRadBrad
  • Players can use explosives to decrease Bassus’ shields and health in addition to shooting him. After the shields have been depleted, players can continue shooting and grappling their way around to reduce Bassus’ health.
  • Bassus may take some time to kill due to the fight’s mechanics, but with a little patience and a lot of dodging, players may overcome the second Halo Infinite monster. Players will also gain access to an enhanced Grappleshot, a few grenades, and a strong weapon. Players can continue through the story after defeating Bassus to reach the next boss encounter in Halo Infinite.

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