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To obtain an advantage over other players, you must use stealth, security, and the surroundings. It may be required to utilize your head to maneuver into a position where you are just far enough away from a vehicle to drive it without losing your life.

It’s rare that a straight run into a Warthog, Ghost, Chopper, Wraith, or Scorpion will work. They will rip you apart or completely destroy you. Instead, you can use equipment to improve your odds, such as an Overshield to improve your health or Active Camo to make yourself undetectable.

The most serious danger is being struck by an opponent’s car when it is close. This is likely to happen a few times.

Hijack vehicles

  • The approach for stealing a vehicle is identical to the procedure for gaining access to a car.
  • To enter the vehicle, you would normally hold the X. In that situation, a prompt will appear requesting you to allow X to take control of the car.
  • If you did it quickly enough while the car was within range, the animation would start forcing the opponent out of their seat and eventually take over their position without problem.
  • You don’t have to take the foe off their vehicle immediately away with more powerful vehicles like Wraiths and Scorpion Tanks. Instead, you’ll board the vehicle by grabbing the driver.
  • After that, if you feel threatened, you can either remove it or battle the driver until he dies, allowing you to enter the vehicle.
Screengrab Courtesy of FootedGhost via YouTube

Hijack Air vehicle

  • There are various ways to kidnap your opponent with Banshee or Wasp.
  • Wait until a foe is close enough to the ground and then do it the usual method, or EMP the aircraft.
  • If you can’t make it to work or want to try something different, use a grappling hook.
  • Wait for the plane to get close enough to shoot your grappling hook into the cabin, but once it’s within range.
  • If you succeed, you will be able to fly into the plane, board it, and take command of it.

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