Screengrab Courtesy of xGarbett via Youtube

If you know what to look for and where to look, finding this Easter egg is straightforward. The Flood is a legendary Halo opponent that hasn’t been seen in the main series since Halo 3.

Easter Egg Location

  • The Flood is in the Foundation, which is the campaign’s second stage. To find them, you must first get to the Tremonius boss room.
  • You’ll need to collect a Power Seed to power up the nearby elevator after you reach the Tremonius boss area at the very end of the level. Wait a minute before you pick that up.
  • A slope leading down to a doorway may be found in the room’s back-right corner. Enter through the open door and proceed down the corridor to a room that is completely optional. A Forerunner device is sealed behind a cube-shaped energy shield in this room, which leads to a large chamber.
Screengrab Courtesy of xGarbett via Youtube
  • Take a closer look at the large coffin; it has a recognizable emblem. It will also be recognized by fans of the series. The little buggers you’d pop like popcorn in swarms with a burst of your assault rifle are Flood Infection Forms.
  • Since Halo 3, the Flood has been imprisoned in lore. They’re a parasitic extraterrestrial race that latches on to everything and spreads like intergalactic wildfire until entire worlds are devoured.

Energy Shield

  • There’s a reason the Forerunner container is surrounded by an energy shield. The Halos were created with the express purpose of containing and eradicating the Flood by annihilating all sentient species in the universe.
  • That shield merely goes to illustrate how critical it is to keep even a single Flood Infection Form isolated indefinitely and that the Zeta Halo is doing its job by keeping those nasty beasts locked up.

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