Hogwarts Legacy: All Daedalian Keys Location

Unlocking your house chest in Hogwarts Legacy requires finding all the Daedalian Keys, a task that may prove challenging. But don’t worry! This guide provides you with essential information on how to find and use these keys to unlock your house chest.

What are Daedalian Keys?

  • Daedalian Keys are special keys in the game that unlock cabinets containing house tokens, which are required to open your house chest.
  • There are a total of 16 Daedalian keys in the game and finding each one could take up some time if you don’t know where to look for.
  • To find the keys, you must explore Hogwarts’ different areas, some of which are hidden, while others are in plain sight.

How to Start the Quest

Before anything else, it’s important to know that you will need the Alohomora spell to complete this quest. Some of the keys are found inside locked rooms, so the only way to get to them is to learn the spell from Gladwin Moon. On the other hand, you can still begin the quest without Alohomora and finish it after.

Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Keys Nellie Oggspire

Now that we have that out of the way, find Nellie Oggspire in the Transfiguration Courtyard and talk to her. She’s standing next to a tree. Nellie will explain what Daedalian Keys are and it will trigger the first location on your map.

Astronomy Tower Daedalian Key

Follow the pin location on your mini-map. You will know when you’re near a Daedalian Key if you start hearing a jingling sound. Make sure you look above your head, as these things will be flying around you. Once you get near them, they will start guiding you to the cabinet where you can use them. Simply hit your assigned action button once the key flies on top of the keyhole.

Great Hall Daedalian Key

Fast travel to the Great Hall floo flame and turn to your left. The key will be flying near the fireplace. Follow it up the stairs, left side of the floo flame.

Entrance Hall Daedalian Key

From the Great Hall floo flame, take the door on your left. Keep going straight until you reach the Entrance Hall stairs. You should be hearing the Daedalian Key flying around. The cabinet is located at the bottom right side of the staircase.

Grand Staircase Daedalian Key

From the Grand Staircase floo flame, take the stairs on your left. Go up 3 sets of stairs until you see a painting of four women on the wall. Always make sure to listen to the jingling sound. The cabinet is located one floor above the Grand Staircase floo flame. Take the opposite set of stairs from the spiral one.

Quad Courtyard Daedalian Key

Take The Grand Staircase – Quad Courtyard Floo Flame and turn to your right. Take the stairs to your left and you’ll see the Daedalian Key flying near the wall filled with vines. Follow the key back down the stairs you came from. Go to the left of the fountain then go right. The cabinet should be there, near the classroom.

Dark Arts Daedalian Key

Take The  Astronomy Wing – Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom Floo Flame. From there, go down one floor. The key will be flying near the skeleton. Then, follow it to the cabinet one floor above the same spot.

Transfiguration Courtyard Daedalian Key

Take The  Astronomy Wing – Transfiguration Courtyard floo flame. Turn to your left and pass through the doors, parallel to the big tree. Keep going straight and you will see the key near the globe on top of a golden dragon. Follow the key by going up 5 sets of stairs. Look to your left to see the cabinet.

Hogwarts Dungeon Daedalian Key 1

From the cabinet of the Transfiguration Courtyard Daedalian Key location, go to the bottom of the stairs until you reach a huge dragon statue. Follow the key to the cabinet by going 1 floor above the dragon statue.

Hogwarts Dungeon Daedalian Key 2

Go back to the dragon statue and go straight to the hallway. The Daedalian key will be flying there. Follow it forward then to the path on the left of the stairs, past the barrels.

Potion Class Daedalian Key

Take The Library Annex – Potions Classroom floo flame. You will see the Daedalian key right in front of you. It will fly to the cabinet, just opposite the doors.

Central Hall Daedalian Key 1

Take The Library Annex – Central Hall floo flame. Keep going straight until you reach the fountain, then go to your right. The key is found on the left of the stairs. The cabinet is on the opposite side or left side of the fountain.

Central Hall Daedalian Key 2

From The Library Annex – Central Hall floo flame, go up the stairs then turn right once you see the big doors. The key is found under the set of stairs. Follow it back to its cabinet by going down one set of stairs and then turning to your right.

Library Daedalian Key

From The Library Annex – Library floo flame, head over the hallway on the right of the spiral staircase. The key is found flying near the fireplace. Follow it back to the right of the floo flame to find its cabinet.

Faculty Tower Daedalian Key 1 (Alohamora)

Take The South Wing – Faculty Tower floo flame and head over the hallway. Take the first door to your right (Faculty Room). Go up 2 sets of stairs and you will find the key near the Arithmancy Door. It will fly back down 2 sets of stairs to its cabinet (besides the stairs).

Hospital Wing Daedalian Key (Alohamora)

Take The South Wing – Hospital Wing floo flame and go down the stairs. Go to the hall on your right to find the key. Follow it back the opposite way to find the cabinet.


Clock Tower Daedalian Key

Take The South Wing – Clock Tower Courtyard floo flame. Across the giant swinging thing, you’ll see two doors. Take the left one and go up 4 sets of stairs to find the key. It will fly up and you’ll see its cabinet on the left side.

Hogwarts Legacy: What’s inside the House Chest?

Now that you’ve collected all your house tokens, thanks to the Daedalian Keys, it’s time to collect your reward! Each house chest contains a special relic house uniform. Check out Ravenclaw’s below:

Were you able to find all the Daedalian Keys? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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