Hogwarts Legacy: Arachnophobia Mode | Explained

Hogwarts Legacy new update

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game. It was released in early 2023 and is developed by Avalanche Software. Hogwarts Legacy is undoubtedly one of the best game releases this year. You can experience the wizarding world, and have a taste of how it feels to use spells and fight monsters. Although it is eye-pleasing to most people, certain elements in the game can trigger your phobia. With the latest update of Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche software has decided to add Arachnophobia mode, but don’t worry we have it all explained for you including all the details.

Arachnophobia Mode | Explained

New Arachnophobia Mode introduced in Hogwarts Legacy. (Image by Hogwarts Legacy, Twitter)It is a new mode added in Hogwarts Legacy in this update to make the mighty scary eight-legged monsters a.k.a spiders into eye-pleasing critters. According to Avalanche Software, this is how the appearance will change once you turn on the Arachnophobia mode:

Arachnophobia Mode introduced in new update of Hogwarts Legacy

  • Using this mode automatically changes all enemy spider appearances.
  • In addition to the appearances the game will also have reduced and removed spider skitters and screeches. It is satisfying for the players who could get terrified by these screeching sounds.
  • It removes small spider ground effect spawners.
  • Makes static spider corpses in the world invisible.
  • Despite all the above you need to know that spider images in the Field Guide will remain unchanged. In addition to all these changes, collision will remain active to prevent players from getting stuck when toggling this setting.

How to Use this Mode and why was it Added in Hogwarts Legacy?

  • Using or turning this mode is quite easy as you will get a toggle option. To find this setting, you will need to head toward the accessibility menu in-game, and there you can select to turn this option on/off.
  • Although there did exist a mod for toggling this mode before, now it has officially been integrated into the game by Avalanche Software. This comes as a response to people expressing their feelings over Twitter. Recently, Horizon Forbidden West added support for the Thallasophobia mode as well as Star Wars Jedi Survivor has the Arachnophobia mode.
  • In every way, it is a good move as developers these days pay attention to what the gaming community wants. What are your thoughts about it let us know in the comments down below.

In addition to these changes, there are also multiple bug fixes, performance improvements, and gameplay fixes that were addressed by this new Hogwarts Legacy update. You can view the full patch notes by clicking this link. Also, If you have any questions regarding the Arachnophobia mode in Hogwarts Legacy, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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