Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Doors Locations and Solutions
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The Wizarding game Hogwarts Legacy tests players’ math skills with its Arithmancy Door puzzles; Here’s a guide on their locations and their solutions.

Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Doors Locations and Solutions
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Hogwarts Legacy offers a vast number of side quests. All these quests challenge players with their various skills such as the Cache in The Castle which tests players’ geographical intelligence. Along with those, there are more chances for players to engage in puzzles and discover hidden treasures.

  • One of those is the Arithmancy Door puzzle also known as The Number Lock Door puzzle. In a previous article, we shared how to unlock the Arithmancy Doors in detail. However, if you wish to attempt the doors more quickly without troubling your brain with numbers, then this guide is for you.
  •  In this article, we will share the locations and solutions of all the Arithmany Doors dispersed throughout Hogwarts castle. Before that, we have a quick summary of the key to solving this puzzle.

How To Solve The Arithmancy Door Puzzle

The doors shut with a number lock require basic arithmetic skills to open up. Its key for solutions lies within the game where a clue obtained at the first Arithmancy Door provides the numerical value of each animal symbol upon the door.

  • You can find the sheet with number clues by visiting the top floor of the Library Annex. It will tell you how each animal symbol is allocated a number between 0-9.
  • In this way, the locks are simply mathematical equations that require players to place the numerical values corresponding to their animal symbols and derive the correct answer. After achieving the answer, you may use the right and left dials on the door and open the door easily. The number allocated to the animal symbols are as follows:
  • 0 – Demiguise
  • 1 – Unicorn
  • 2 – Graphorn
  • 3 – Runespoor (Three-headed snake)
  • 4 – Fwooper
  • 5 – Quintaped (Five-legged creature)
  • 6 – Salamander
  • 7 – Grindylow (Odd squid)
  • 8 – Acromantula
  • 9 – Hydra
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Locations and Solutions of The Arithmancy Doors

According to Inverse, players will first need to have Alohamora unlocked to access all the Arithmancy Door puzzles. In total, there are 12 of these doors dispersed throughout Hogwarts castle.

  • It is recommended to solve them yourself for a more immersive experience of the wonders of Hogwarts castle and attending wizarding classes. Without further ado, here are all the locations and solutions of Arithmancy Doors.
Arithmancy Doors Locations Solutions for Left Dial Solution for Right Dial
1 Rafters near Divination Classroom Fwooper (4) Runespoor (3)
2 Arithmancy Classroom Fwooper (4) Quintaped (5)
3 Arithmancy Classroom Salamander (6) Unicorn (1)
4 Troll room next to Library Graphorn (2) Unicorn (1)
5 Hall across from Potions Classroom Acromantula (8) Runespoor (3)
6 Great Hall Acromantula (8) Runespoor (3)
7 North Hall Salamander (6) Runespoor (3)
8 Outside Charms Classroom Graphorn (2) Grindylow (7)
9 Ravenclaw Tower Fwooper (4) Quintaped (5)
10 Grand Staircase Tower Salamander (6) Grindylow (7)
11 Lower Grand Staircase Demiguise (0) Quintaped (5)
12 Prefect Tower Demiguise (0) Hydra (9)


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  • Those are all the math solutions for the Arithmancy Doors in the Hogwarts Legacy. For more latest updates, guides, solutions, and gameplay information, about Hogwarts Legacy check out our Hogwarts Legacy archives.

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