Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the castle side quest explain
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Hogwarts Legacy offers multiple side quests that require you to discover treasure, one of them is Cache In The Castle, here’s an explanation to solve it.

Hogwarts Legacy challenges players with multiple quests. These quests test players’ various skills including basic math skills for the number lock doors. The quests in the game are divided into two: the Main Story and the Side Quests. If you try to attempt each, you’ll easily need 70 or more hours to complete the game.

  • One of the quests that appear earlier in the game makes players participate in a treasure hunt. It is none other than this guide is all about, the Cache In The Castle. The quest is simple where you follow a map leading to the treasure. Ahead we will explain all the necessary details of it and the trick to solving Cache In The Castle.

Cache In The Castle

Hogwarts Legacy takes place ages before the tale of Harry Potter begins. Players come across many familiar names such as the ancestors of Ron Weasley. The game also introduces many different students from all houses. Players can help them out throughout their adventure.

  • One of those students is from the Hufflepuff house named Arthur Plummly. He has a particular fascination with finding the hidden treasures of Hogwarts Castle.
  • Players can access Cache In The Castle side quest after coming across Arthur. Here’s how you can begin and complete this treasure hunt side quest and claim a reward.
arthur hogwarts legacy cache in the castle quest treasure
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How Cache In The Castle begins

In the early part of the game, players attend various classes, and one of them is Charms. After you complete attending Charms, you may come across Arthur right outside that very same classroom.

  • Arthur will offer you to search for hidden secrets in Hogwarts Castle. You may decide to join or decline him. Regardless of your choice, he will hand you a map. The map features drawings of a rhinoceros skeleton, a wyvern statue, and a picture frame. He asks players if they can find more through this map and the quest will begin.
  • You can now start your search for landmarks by following the map. The key to finding the first landmark is to visit the Defence Against the Dark Arts Floo Flame. If you walk down the stairs, then you will come across the rhino skeleton right next to the classroom.
Arthur side quest map treasure
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Following the Cache In The Castle map

After reaching the rhino statue, head down the right staircase, and walk straight out through the double doors. Here, you will find yourself in the Transfiguration Courtyard with the wyvern statue from the map.

  • Now, you can walk behind the wyvern statue, move past the tree, and step inside the door right behind it. Once inside, take your first right and head up the staircase.
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Hogwarts Legacy Side Quest Cache in the castle Arthur
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  • You are reaching the last task of the quest. Upon climbing the staircase, you will find a painting of a snowy cabin with a golden frame and a handle at the top of it. You can cast Accio on the handle and unravel a hidden treasure chest.
  • Once you collect the treasure chest containing the Authentic Historian’s Uniform, you may return to Arthur and let him know about your successful journey. That marks the end of The Cache In The Castle side quest in Hogwarts Legacy!
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