Hogwarts Legacy: Do Magical Beasts’ offspring grow up?

Hogwarts Legacy Magic Beasts offsprings grow

The Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy operates as a sanctuary where beasts breed offspring. Significantly, when taken good care they also provide tools for potions and upgrades.

Magical beasts' offspring grow Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium
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Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium

In the wizard game, Hogwarts Legacy, players can unlock The Vivarium during the main quest. Vivarium is a special section of the Room of Requirement, where players can place all their magical beasts.

  • It is similar to Pokemon games, when players take good care of the magical beasts, they provide magical ingredients for potions and various upgrades. However, these beasts have more features such as breeding as they reproduce offspring as well.
  • Moreover, there are rare varieties of animals that players can capture. We will share about that in a little while, first, let’s take a look at how the magical beasts breed and their offspring’s used in Hogwarts Legacy.

Do Magical Beasts’ Offspring Grow Up?

In Hogwarts Legacy, the magical beasts not only provide the necessary apparatus for potions and upgrades but also breed. The baby magical beasts do not grow up in Hogwarts Legacy yet, however, it might change in the future.

  • Until then, to help the magical beasts reproduce, players will first need to own biologically male and female beasts of the same species.
  • Then, achieve and place a Breeding Pen inside the Vivarium. Following this, when players consult the book placed in front of the Breeding Pen — it will show available beasts for breeding. After which players need to patiently wait for 30 minutes and voila! the offspring will be ready.
  • Although players can’t use the baby beasts as mounts, there’s always hope for expansion in a future update or a possible DLC. We will surely update you if that happens so stay tuned with us.
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What to use Magical Offspring for in Hogwarts Legacy?

Players might be wondering what is the perk of breeding magical beasts’ offspring if they neither grow nor be used for mounting. The benefit is simple — players can still use the baby beasts to produce resources, and also sell them. The procedure to sell them is the same as the grown-up beasts at the Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade.

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How to find rare Shiny Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

It is a little tricky to get shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacy hence they are rare. The easier trick to achieve a Shiny Beast is making them spawn. This process is completely random, and a bit of a hassle. Game Spot suggests following these steps to find shiny beasts:

  1. Settle on a type of Beast of your choice that you want to capture and visit its den. It is usual to not find any Shiny at this stage.
  2. Even if they aren’t the precious rare you desire to capture do catch a few of them you find.
  3. After getting them, open the map and press the button for changing the day-night cycle (It is the “F” key for PC players).
  4. After doing that save your gameplay manually and restart from the last save.

  • This day-night-save-reload trick will force the game to repopulate an area with creatures and this way players may catch a Shiny Beasts.
  • However, there are some magical beasts whose shiny variants are hard to achieve. Namely, Unicorn for its lack of den and low spawning rate, Phoenix for being unique and doesn’t spawn twice, and lastly, Graphorn as players need to defeat it before capturing.
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How to recognize Shiny Beasts?

Shiny Beasts are easy to differentiate from other variants due to a star icon on their nameplate. Additionally, they tend to be easy to spot due to their color difference.

  • Moreover, players can consult their Inventory: Magical Beasts and see if any of them are Shiny. Capturing a Shiny Beast is the preferable option available right now as unfortunately, shiny variants are rarely seen breeding or being available through the breeding process. This leads to the reason why catching them is hard but also rewarding.
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What are your favorite Magical Beasts and their offspring? Let us know in the comments below and follow Spiel Times for more news updates, and tips about Hogwarts Legacy.

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