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Hogwarts Legacy released its early access recently, and the game’s getting hyped. Despite the delays and pushbacks, Portkey Games assured that this Harry Potter game would be at its best potential when played. Lots of guides dropped since the start of the early access, but if you’re wondering if you can link accounts to the game, yup, you can. Here’s a guide on how to link your Wizarding World account (and WB Games) to Hogwarts Legacy, you can access the registration benefit too!

Link Wizarding World account to Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re familiar with the Wizarding World, this opens you to the world of magic and Hogwarts. You can be sorted to your Hogwarts house, get your wand, discover your Patronus, make your portrait, and more. Significantly, your house and wand in your Wizarding World account can be carried over to Hogwarts Legacy.

Wizarding World, account linking
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  • Let’s assume that you don’t have an account yet. It would be best to create a Wizarding World account, and also a WB Games account. If you have them, just log in.
  • Once successful in signing up, go to the Hogwarts Legacy account linking page, log in to your Wizarding World account, and create a profile. If you already have, just log in again.
sorting house, patronus, wand, portrait
Image Courtesy of Wizarding World
  • Then select Get Sorted Now to complete the Sorting Ceremony quiz. Afterward, click the Let’s Go button to head back to the linking page.
  • Now, head over to the WB Games, just click the Go to WB Games button when a window appears. You may sign up for a new account or log in.
  • Once you’re in, hover over to the Connections tab. Link your Harry Potter Fan Club (Wizarding World) account. After that, also link your console or PC platform you’ll use for playing. This would make all data streamlined to Hogwarts Legacy.
WB Games Hogwarts Legacy, connections
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Games
  • Then, it’s done! If you return and refresh the Wizarding World website, you can download an exclusive fan club wallpaper. Moreover, exclusive benefits await too!
How to link Wizarding World to Hogwarts Legacy, successful
Photo Courtesy of Wizarding World
  • Just a side note, the Patronus would not be carried over to the game. It would be nice to discover your Patronus in-game, right?

Linking accounts rewards

With just linking accounts, you’ll have exclusive in-game items in Hogwarts Legacy. Aside from the wallpaper, and the carry-over of the wand and house, here’s what you can get.

    • House Fan-atic School Robe
    • Beaked Skull Mask
exclusive in-game rewards, legacy
Photo Courtesy of Wizarding World
  • Simply, if you want to use these cosmetics in the game, you may do so. After doing the steps above, launch Hogwarts Legacy. Then, check the cosmetics option to see the appearance of your Hogwarts character.
  • Oh, you’ll see a prompt telling you what cosmetics you got, so you can let your character try them on. And then, there it is!
  • Hogwarts Legacy sets to release on February 10th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. April 4th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and lastly, July 25th for the Nintendo Switch platform.

How’s your Hogwarts Legacy adventure so far? Did you successfully link your Wizarding World and WB Games account to Hogwarts Legacy?

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