Hogwarts Legacy how to pick locks open locked doors exlain
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Hogwarts Legacy needs some skill set to go through, and this includes basic mathematics to lock picking. While you can figure out the maths easily, the lockpicking might need a little guidance.

Hogwarts Legacy how to pick locks lock picking explain
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Hogwarts Legacy offers excellent worldbuilding with nooks and crannies to explore. It allows you to experience Hogwarts and its mesmerizing surroundings. During your exploration, one thing you’ll frequently come across is locked chests and doors.

  • They will require you to complete a short lockpicking game. You wouldn’t need to have previous heist experience or a degree in thievery to unlock these locks. You’d simply need to follow the steps mentioned below to open any locked chest and doors.
  • However, the number lock doors of Hogwarts Legacy need some basic arithmetic skills which we have explained in a previous article. Now, are you ready for some lockpicking?

Hogwarts Legacy lockpicking

In Hogwarts Legacy, lockpicking is a skill that you must master to access closed-off areas, rooms, and chests. First, you’ll need to unlock the Alohomora spell from progressing the story then you’ll be able to perform lockpicking through a minigame.

  • One of the Hogwarts Legacy quests you’ll want to complete before proceeding to lockpick is The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament. This quest involves Mr. Moon, the caretaker you’ll meet on the way to Hogsmeade. He will provide important side quests to players.
  • Once you complete this quest, you’ll be able to unlock level 1 of locked doors and chests and proceed to collect the treasures each of those hold. The lockpicking consists of three different levels however the trick of unlocking remains the same. Hence, it’s just a matter of practice for student wizards.
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Hogwarts Legacy how to pick locks

To become a master lock-picker with access to closed areas in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to complete a minigame. The game follows a simple form in which you align a green and red spark to set the cogs spinning. This aspect of the game can be challenging as the in-game prompt doesn’t explain the mechanic clearly.

  • Firstly, with the use of the left and right sticks (or Q and E on PC) to individually control the green and red sparks in the center. You’ll want these sparks to fit into the color-coded cogs.
  • Next, turn each of them until the smaller cogs, placed on the right of the screen start spinning as well. This establishes you are closer to unlocking. Once you reach this stage, slow down, and fine-tune the dials until the sparks and cogs on your right light up.

  • If you find this tough to manage, then you can do the cogs one at a time. This will make the task easier however you will have to hold the position until the lockpicking puzzle is solved.
  • The more locks you open, the better you’ll get at it, and have access to more adventures. Additionally, this isn’t a timed heist so you can focus and take your time.
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With these simple tricks and plenty of practice, you can become the master of lock breaking in Hogwarts Legacy. For plenty more tips, news, and guides, check out our Hogwarts Legacy archives and follow Spiel Times.

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