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Have you acquired a lot of spells already in Hogwarts Legacy, Potterheads? Oh, hopefully, you learned the Cruciatus AKA the Crucio Curse already. It’s better to know at least one Unforgivable Curse, just in case you’ll be needing it for some life-or-death situations. Anyway, in completing quests, some do require spells to mark it completed. Are you stuck with The High Keep quest? The Main Gate in the Falbarton Castle can be unlocked, and here’s a guide on how to open it.

How to open Main Gate in Hogwarts Legacy

So this opening of the main gate belongs to another quest in Hogwarts Legacy — The High Keep Quest. You can continue finding a way to open the gate once you finished conversing with Natty.

Enter the Gatehouse

  • Once you get up to the castle, you can see a wooden barricade possibly blocking some way. Blast the barricade open, although it should still be blocked by a box inside.
Hogwarts Legacy the high keep quest, barricade
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  • You have to enter the area, so make sure you find another way in. Go around the building until you find a window where you can see the blocking box. It should be the second window you’ll see from the barricade, the lower one.
Enter the gatehouse, The High Keep Quest hogwarts legacy
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  • Once you get in front of the window, throw the Accio spell directly at the box to summon it near you (near the window). Wingardium Leviosa automatically casts once it reaches the window to have the box levitating. Head back to the barricade, and enter the gatehouse.

Hit the mechanism

  • Enter through the crawlspace, and then you’ll find the main gate of the Falbarton Castle when you look up. when you stand in front of it, you’ll notice a mechanism on your left. It should be near the blocked door.
How to open the main gate, falbarton castle
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  • Head in front of the rotating mechanism before casting the spell. You should hit the mechanism multiple times, by the way. Use the Depulso spell to the mechanism until the rotator moves.

Open the main gate

  • After the multiple and consecutive Depulso spells on the mechanism, look up at the gate. You can see the golden handle of the main gate. Have a nice angle to throw an Accio spell on it.
  • The Accio spell would forcefully pull down the main gate of the Falbarton Castle. Once you successfully open the gate, Natty joins you in the gatehouse.
Main Gate Falbarton Castle, how to open main gate, natty
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  • From there, walk with Natty up to the gate then a cutscene starts. You witness Highwing the hippogriff breaking out as the dark wizards throw spells at it.

More information

Opening the main gate of the Falbarton Castle grants access to the players to explore the castle grounds. There may be quests along the way that may need the area for quick exploration, so it would benefit you still.

  • In using the spells Depulso and Accio, make sure you approach the rotator and handle before throwing it. Have the best angle you can see, and throw the spells correctly to quickly open the main gate of the castle.

That’s it on how to open the main gate in Hogwarts Legacy? let us know if you successfully did it too!

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