Hogwarts Legacy: Mandrake – How to get

Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake - How to get

If you are fond of planting, maybe you enjoy the Herbology Class in Hogwarts Legacy. Professor Mirabel Garlick teaches and supervises Herbology in Legacy, and you can meet different kinds of plants. Yup, meet, have you met a Mandrake? Okay, let’s rephrase that, have you heard them? If you remember them correctly from the Harry Potter series, they are those loud plants that could harm anyone that hears them. In Hogwarts Legacy, Mandrake exists too, but with a different effect, but how to get them? Here’s a guide for you, to buy, grow, or find Mandrakes, so read more below.

How to get Mandrakes

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have a few choices to get these Mandrakes. Let’s first talk about what the Mandrakes do in the game.

  • Moreover, you first meet a Mandrake in your first Herbology Class with Professor Garlick. The class should be tasked to rip a Mandrake out of a pot and transfer it to another.
Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake, first herbology class
Photo Courtesy of Dead Pixel Gaming via YouTube
  • In the Harry Potter series, the loud shrieks and cries of Mandrakes made them known and deadly as well. In Hogwarts Legacy, it would be beneficial for players to acquire these Mandrakes. A Mandrake can be used as a combat item, help fight enemies through stunning, and progress into the game.

Buy a Mandrake

  • If you want it the easy way, you can have a Mandrake the easy way. All you need is 500 gold galleons to purchase a single Mandrake. Where, if you may ask?
Hogwarts Legacy, buy mandrake
Screengrab Image Courtesy of ConCon via YouTube
  • Just head to the northernmost area of Hogsmeade. The Dogweed and Deathcap shop would be there to offer you the Mandrake you need. Players can purchase two Mandrakes for 500 gold galleons each, so head there now.

Grow your own

  • In case you have more gold galleons to spend, you can purchase the Mandrake seeds instead. The seeds can be bought at Dogweed and Deathcap too, so take a peek. Then, you may head back to your Room of Requirement.
Grow mandrake, room of requirement
Image Courtesy of Avalanche Software via Polygon
  • From there, interact with any pot size in the Herbology station in your Room of Requirement. Then, select the Mandrake to begin its growing process. Players have to wait for 10 minutes to harvest a Mandrake.

Explore the magical world

  • Once you meet this plant for the first time in the Herbology Class, you can meet it anywhere too. However, you would want to know where’s the best place to find a Mandrake, right?
  • Head over to the Forbidden Forest, but make sure you can fight and defeat the undead characters lurking around. Find a small house where you’ll encounter the said enemies. A huge tree should be noticeable near the house as well, so approach it.
Forbidden Forest, hl
Photo Courtesy of Avalanche Software via Twinfinite
  • From there, you can also notice a corpse lying next to the tree. A note can be read beside the body, probably the last words of the lifeless body. Significantly, that’s where you can find the loud plants. Three Mandrakes can be acquired when you reach that area in Hogwarts Legacy.

So far, buying, growing, and the Forbidden Forest are the only ways and places to acquire these Hogwarts Legacy Mandrakes are the ones in the guide above. We hope they’d be more accessible soon!

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