Hogwarts Legacy Mooncalves Mooncalf rescue get capture how
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Hogwarts Legacy offers some really cute creatures for players to collect and rescue; In this article, we will share how to get Mooncalf in the Wizarding game.

Hogwarts Legacy Mooncalf Mooncalves How to get capture rescue
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Fantastic beasts have always played an important role in the Harry Potter franchise and this is once again the case in Hogwarts Legacy. The game features numerous beasts you can tame and help reproduce offspring. Many of the beasts also have their own special side quests. This is certainly true of Mooncalves, with players one of the favorite side quests Take the Biscuit.

  • The quest was facing some technical issues and bugs that Avalanche Software is working on currently. Community manager, Chandler Wood has assured players the Mooncalves and its quest will be part of the next patch. As you wait for the next patch you might want to rescue an adorable Hogwarts Legacy Mooncalf.

Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy

Mooncalf has remained one of the most adorable attractions of the Wizarding game Hogwarts Legacy. Its introduction hinted towards the Day-Night feature of the game. Undoubtedly, the mooncalf turns out to be one of the popular attractions night-time Hogwarts has to offer.

  • The players come across Mooncalves during The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom quest. During this, Deek asks players to rescue a Mooncalf. While rescuing other beasts such as Puffskein and Jobberknoll will be very easy, some might face troubles in attempts of finding this elusive creature.
  • For many players, this beast might not be present even where the game marks its location. If you find yourself stuck in a situation where the Mooncalves aren’t spawning then here’s what you need to do to catch it.

How to get Mooncalf?

One of the most probable slip-ups players make while looking for Mooncalf is searching for it during day time. Mooncalf is the glory of the night and they appear only during the dark hours.

  • You might remember Deek mentioning during the quest that you have to visit the area marked in purple on the minimap during nighttime only. However, even at night, you may have to wait a while until these cute beasts spawn and walk around.
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  • If you wish then you can go and complete your other objectives and side quests while keeping an eye on the day-night cycle. As soon as it’s night, head back to the location marked purple on the map with the help of a broom and you will find Mooncalves hanging out in a group.
  • Once they appear, the next steps are nothing different than catching other beasts. Recheck to make sure the Nab-sack is assigned to a spell slot then use that button to capture mooncalves. If you wish to make the process easier, you can use Levioso spell to make them float and then capture them. Voila! You have your own cute mooncalf now.
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  • If this still doesn’t work then it could be a glitch or bug related to Mooncalves. In that case, you might have to wait until the issue is resolved in the upcoming patch.

If you successfully catch a mooncalf, then you’d like to learn about how to help them reproduce offspring through our previous article. For more Hogwarts Legacy news, updates, and guides don’t forget to follow Spiel Times. Happy Gaming!

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