Hogwarts Legacy Number Door Puzzle Math Solve Guide
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Are you tired of fumbling with Number Door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy or want to know even if it is worth the maths? Then, at the most perfect time, this is the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle guide for you.

Hogwarts Legacy Number door puzzle how to solve guide math
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Number Door Puzzles 

Who says Mathematics doesn’t have any use in the real world? Or in this case, the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy. As the game includes multiple puzzles challenging the wizard scholars, it is okay to stumble upon some of them.

  • One of the most notoriously confusing is the door puzzles (it doesn’t even respond to open sesame). They can be frustrating but just until you figure its trick out. Now, you might wonder why would you want to invest your time to figure out the math — that’s because behind these doors lies something precious. All the hidden rooms consist of treasures waiting for a wizard like you to pick them up.
  • Each of these puzzle doors features a different combination of symbols and numbers upon them. The trick lies in knowing the numerical value of each symbol and there shall never be a door hindering your path again.
  • Follow the step-wise guide below to unlock the door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy number door puzzle

In the vast world of Hogwarts Legacy, you will occasionally come across locked doors that are dispersed throughout the game. Upon interaction, you will notice they are covered in numbers and symbols of animals.

  • You simply need to choose the correct animal symbol on the rollers next to these doors to unlock the puzzle. For that first, you will need to attempt a simple mathematic question.
  • Fortunately, the doors only trick you with their complicated looks. The game itself provides you with the answers in a clue sheet. If you visit the top floor of the Library Annex and pick up a piece of paper, it will tell you how each animal symbol is allocated a number between 0-9.
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Explanation through an example question

As an example question, let’s assume you have come across a door with the number 17 in its top center circle surrounded by the number seven, a picture of a hydra, and a question mark. Then you must find the value of the question mark and use the roller situated on the left side of the door to select the correct symbol.

  • In the above-mentioned example, the answer is the octopus as that is worth seven. Essentially, seven + hydra (three) + octopus (seven) = 17. You can add the available values, in this instance, seven and hydra (three) then subtract it from the provided answer 17 to discover the value of the question mark which is 7 corresponding to octopus.
  • Simple isn’t it? Apart from this, the only thing you need to do is figure out, whether each puzzle is an addition or subtraction question. That’s all there is to these number puzzle doors.
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Hogwarts Legacy numbers and symbols

As you already know each animal symbol in the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle is allocated a corresponding number. You can find a cheat sheet guiding you on what each animal is worth from the top floor of the library annex. However, to simplify it you may copy the values mentioned below or save this article to refer to when you reach a puzzle door.

  • Owl: Zero
  • Unicorn: One
  • Dragon: Two
  • Hydra: Three
  • Demiguise: Four
  • Quintaped (crab): Five
  • Salamander (lizard/newt): Six
  • Octopus: Seven
  • Spider: Eight
  • Snake: Nine
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  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the animals always appear according to their numerical order around each door frame. They all start with the Owl in the bottom left and move clockwise until the Snake in the bottom right.
  • That’s all! Now you can open any doors in the Hogwarts Legacy and collect the treasures each room has to offer. For more guides like this for Hogwarts Legacy or any of your other favorite games follow Spiel Times.
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