Hogwarts Legacy: Rowland’s Map – How to use

Hogwarts has always been full of magic and mysteries to solve, and they brought that to Hogwarts Legacy. You may need a lot of help while you continue your adventure as a Hogwarts student, but we got you. You’re struggling right now with this Rowland’s Map, which brought you here, asking us how to use it in Hogwarts Legacy. We’re wizards here too, so here’s a guide for you to finish this side quest from Adelaide Oakes — Tale of Rowland Oakes, let’s go!

Rowland’s Map: The Tale of Rowland Oakes

Okay, so this quest starts with a fellow student at Hogwarts. Once you receive an owl and head to the Transfiguration Courtyard, you’ll come to meet the Hufflepuff student Adelaide Oakes. This side quest would let you know that they’re seeking what truly happened with their uncle. Yup, their uncle — Rowland Oakes, would be the mystery you have to solve. Are you going to find Rowland? Let’s get into treasure hunting.

  • If you haven’t got the map and started the quest yet, it should be in the abandoned campsite. You’ll find and receive a simple map, with a red line connecting to one place to another.
Screengrab Image Courtesy of ConCon via YouTube
  • You can quickly say “Ah, I have to go there,” however, the real question should be “How will I go there?” It’s just a map with a trail and an endpoint, so let us do the honors of saving you some time instead of exploring around.

Head to the red circle on the map

Just like a treasure map, you have to reach the red mark on the map. Easier said than done, but we’ll guide you through it. Now, summon your broom, and then take off.

  • From the abandoned campsite (Bandit Camp), move west and follow the road along the river.
Tale of Rowland Oakes, map
Photo Courtesy of ConCon via YouTube
  • Look on the map until you reach the edge, you should be at the Korrow Ruins.
  • There should be a goblin outpost in the area. It also marks the endpoint of Rowland Oakes’ trail and map. Now, all you have to do is check if Rowland is there.
  • If ever you already unlocked the Fast Travel Point feature, then this would be easier for you. You can find the Korrow Ruins and the Bandit Camp Castle on your map, and reach them through Fast Travel.

Explore the camp

Once you set foot on the camp, enter the area. Just beware and be ready to fight as several goblins and loyalists are lurking around that you need to defeat.

  • After entering, you can find a ladder on your left so climb up. Move right to find goblins to defeat before you can head inside the dungeon.
Korrow Ruins, hogwarts legacy
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Spooky Fairy via YouTube
  • Complete the remaining objectives while inside the dungeon. By the way, head to the furnace room to find the wand of Rowland, you’ll be needing that when you see him!

Find Rowland

If you manage to complete objectives, in the end, you can see Rowland Oakes. He should be at the end of the cave.

  • Bring his wand to Rowland Oakes, and there you have it. Pretty sure Adelaide Oakes would be thrilled to find his uncle well and alive. Thanks to you!
Rowland Oakes wand
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Spooky Fairy via YouTube

This just counts as one of the vague quests in Hogwarts Legacy but hopefully, we helped you get your way to it! Have you seen Rowland and completed the Tale of Rowland Oakes in Hogwarts Legacy? Share with us your adventure below!

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