Hogwarts Legacy’s massive open world allows players to complete main quests with great detail along with a variety of interesting side quests. One such quest involves getting a treasure map from a talking well and finding the chest with the given map. Here’s a definitive guide on the Well, Well, Well side quest from Hogwarts Legacy including where to find it and how to complete it. Let’s take a look. 

Well, Well, Well quest in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can do the Well, Well, Well side quest as soon as they are allowed outside of the Hogwarts castle. The tricky part about the Well, Well, Well side quest is the map that you get from the talking well

Well Well Well side quest Hogwarts Legacy map
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  • Most maps in open world RPGs are easy to follow and lead you to your desired location if you follow them correctly.
  • However, in Hogwarts Legacy, the map given in the Well, Well, Well side quest is not that straightforward as it forces you to travel along the whole map before leading you to the right location.
  • But the pressing question here is, where is the treasure and how do you complete the Well, Well, Well side quest? Let’s find out.
Well Well Well side quest Hogwarts Legacy
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Well, Well, Well quest location

The Well, Well, Well side quest starts from the South Hogwarts Region, which is to the east (right) of the school. In the hills to the south of the hamlet Aranshire, you will hear sounds of someone choking and asking for help when you approach a bandit camp. 

  • Fret not, it isn’t any Wizard, Death Eater or Muggle. Use the Revelio spell and you’ll find out that it’s a magical talking well!
  • Once you interact with the well, you will learn that someone had tossed a piece of parchment into the well which had blocked its hole for a long time. 
Well Well Well map Hogwarts Legacy
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  • You have to help the well by taking the paper out and when you do, you find out that it’s a treasure map for the Well, Well, Well side quest.

Well, Well, Well map solution

The map given by the magical well leads to a ruin where you will find an Ancient Magic Hotspot south of Irondale in the Feldcroft Region. You can fly to Irondale with your broom or even faster using the Floo Network if you have unlocked it by then. 

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Across the water, you will find a castle ruin and a bridge similar to the one on the map. After crossing this place, you will find a tree to be moved in order to attain the treasure. Use Levioso or Wingardium Leviosa on the tree to collect the reward.

Reward from the side quest

Once you lift the tree in the Ancient Magic Hotspot, you will find a treasure chest that holds your reward. Completing the Well, Well, Well side quest gets you the Treasure-Seeker’s Bicorne Hat.

While the hat does not enhance your offensive or defensive capabilities in Hogwarts Legacy, it is still a worthy reward to change your appearance by choosing it as Headgear.

For fun side quests like Well, Well, Well and an overall immersive gaming experience, Portkey Games’ Hogwarts Legacy has deservedly become the biggest Harry Potter game launch of all time.

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