Honkai: Star Rail – Is Arlan Worth it | Build Guide

Honka Star Rail - Is Arlan Worth it Build Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we will be discussing a powerful lightning damage dealer in Honkai: Star Rail – Arlan.

We’ll share a build designed around the character Arlan as a hyper-carry, enabling him to dominate the battlefield. This build is ideal for players struggling to get past world four and seeking to unleash Arlan’s true potential in Honkai: Star Rail.

Arlan’s Playstyle Highlights

  • Arlan’s talent increases his damage for every percent of his HP below his max HP, up to a certain amount that scales with his talent level. This unique ability sets him apart as a powerful damage dealer, especially when paired with the right teammates.
  • His basic attack is an ordinary attack that does not contribute toward anything in his kit. Therefore, try to avoid using his basic attack, as it does not help build skill points for his other abilities.

Honkai Star Rail Arlan Guide

  • Arlan’s skill doesn’t cost any skill points, instead costing 15% of his max HP. This ability allows you to allocate extra skill points elsewhere. Unfortunately, this skill cannot be used if his HP is too low.
  • Arlan’s ultimate attack is a single-target ability that also hits adjacent enemies, making it particularly effective in multi-target fights against enemies vulnerable to lightning.

Honkai Star Rail Arlan Ult

You don’t necessarily need his E1 to make him work. E0 should be sufficient, but you will need to use a healer to heal him a bit if he falls below the 15% HP threshold in order to keep using his skill.

Arlan F2P Build Guide

ROLE Hyper-Carry (Lv. 50)
On the Fall of an Eon
The Moles Welcome You
Nowhere to Run
TRACES Pain and Anger (Lv. 4)
Shackle Breaker (Lv. 4)
Frenzied Punishment (Lv. 4)
Revival (Lv. 1)
2pc. Space Sealing Station
2pc. Musketeer of Wild Wheat
2pc. Thief of Shooting Meteor
4pc. Band of Sizzling Thunder
2pc. Space Sealing Station
  • Prioritize upgrading Arlan’s two primary skills and ultimate skill for increased damage.
  • Utilize Arlan’s self-damage skill to access additional buffs.
  • Use Arlan’s ultimate skill to maximize damage output.
  • Equip Arlan with a survivability tool that restores HP upon defeating an enemy when HP is 30% or lower.

Simulated Universe with Arlan

Arlan Asta Natasha Serval
Arlan Tingyun March 7th Natasha
March 7th
  • CURIOUS: Omniscient Capsule, Sealing Wax of Destruction, Faith Bond
All Blessings of Trailblaze
Reset Blessings
Blessings of Destruction
Reflection Instability Strip
Resonance Formation:
Cataclysmic Variable
Path Resonance:
Non-Inverse Antimatter Equation Catastrophic Resonance
Regression Inequality of Annihilation Hazardous Lucent Residue
Primordial Black Hole Destructive Flare
Blessings of the Hunt
Imperishable Victory Auspicious Star
Celestial Annihilation Flowing Mist

Is Arlan worth investing in?

  • Arlan is definitely a character who isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The fact that he doesn’t use skill points is a turn-off for many.
  • However, if used and built correctly, Arlan can be a hyper carry for your team composition in Honkai: Star Rail. This is particularly true when facing bosses and Simulated Universes where his lightning attribute can be utilized.
  • To maximize his potential, you need to effectively manage his health with the assistance of heavy healers like Natasha or Bailu and characters who can provide shields like March 7th.

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