Honkai Star Rail - Quantum characters Tier List
Honkai: Star Rail | Image sourced from Mihoyo

It has been just over two weeks since miHoYo’s latest hack-and-slash gacha, Honkai: Star Rail launched globally. One might argue it is a bit premature to establish a character tier list for the game, as players are still upgrading their characters and clearing new content. However, even if the meta takes some more time to develop, certain characters are already obvious frontrunner for certain positions. In this guide, we will explore a tier list of Quantum characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

Quantum characters in Honkai: Star Rail

As of May 2023, we only know of four Quantum characters. Out of these four characters, only two are playable.

  • Qingque is a 4-star primary damage dealer following the path of Erudition. This means she specializes in Area of Effect (AoE) attacks.
  • The event banner feature in the game, Seele is a 5-star primary damage dealer following the path of the Hunt, who can melt single target hit-points.
  • miHoYo has announced Silver Wolf’s banner in patch 1.1. She is an offensive support following the path of Nihility.
  • Fu Xuan is a lesser-known fourth Quantum character who follows the path of Preservation and is rumored to come out at some point in the future.

This guide will look at a tier list for the current available quantum characters. We will keep updating this guide in the future to accommodate changes.

Quantum characters Tier List

Honkai Star Rail - Quantum characters Tier List
Quantum characters tier list

Playable Characters

Qingque [4★]
Qingque - Honkai: Star Rail
Qingque | Images sourced from miHoYo

The diviner at the Divination Commission of The Xianzhou Luofu, Qingque is currently the most accessible Quantum character to free-to-play players and low-spenders. She is a viable DPS or sub-DPS option. She will be the only way for players that do not have the other units mentioned in this blog to break quantum shields.

  • The main problem with Qingque is that her primary source of damage comes from an RNG mechanic, thus making her very inconsistent in the highest levels of the game; namely the Memory of Chaos stages in the Forgotten Halls.
  • Her talent has her randomly draw tiles on each ally turn, 1 per turn, with 3 possible suits. At 4 perfectly matched tiles, her basic attack becomes enhanced, becoming a blast AoE and dealing vastly increased damage while also receiving an ATK% boost.
  • However, if she does not have matched tiles, her basic attack discards 1 tile with the lowest matches. This makes her very unpredictable. The enhanced basic attack is strong but does not generate a skill point, unlike other basic attacks, thus messing up rotations.
  • All of this makes her a B-tier unit. However, this can be boosted to A with the help of her sixth Eidolon.
Seele [5★]
Seele - Honkai: Star Rail
Seele | Images sourced from miHoYo

The member of Wildfire, who has been in every damage showcase in the current patch (1.0), Seele is the first character ever to be featured in the event banner. She is definitely one of, if not the best, DPS in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Seele has been in almost every team in Memory of Chaos, and makes the endgame of Honkai: Star Rail a breeze.
  • She has the highest single-target damage potential in the game.
  • Due to the nature of her kit, she works astonishingly well in AoE scenarios with multiple targets. Her kit also has built-in Quantum RES PEN, allowing her to be used effectively on foes not weak to Quantum, making her an easy S-tier unit.

The only downside to Seele is that she is pretty energy-hungry and is essentially an energy-negative character. Players need to manage the energy points as she has to consume more than she generates per turn.

Non-playable Characters

Silver Wolf [5★]
Silverwolf - Honkai: Star Rail
Silver Wolf | Images sourced from miHoYo

The genius hacker of the Stellaron Hackers will join the character roster in the upcoming patch. Considering the nature of Genshin Impact, speculations have been made about this patch coming out approximately around 7th June.

  • There are speculations that Silver Wolf will join the game in the upcoming patch. Thus, fans must wait for quite a while before pulling for her.

She was a monster in the game’s closed beta, and if her kit remains unchanged, that sets her apart from every other support character. Her ultimate changes the target’s weakness to match the element of one of the four characters of your team.

  • Building a mono-quantum team around Silver Wolf, Seele and the next unit in this list will be broken, as every enemy unit targetted by Silver Wolf’s ultimate will have a 100% chance to become weak to quantum.
Fu Xuan [5★ | Speculated]
Fu Xuan - Honkai: Star Rail
Fu Xuan | Images sourced from miHoYo

This character will be released sometime in a future update for Honkai: Star Rail. miHoYo revealed in the Tokyo Game Show 2022 – “Witness” trailer. On January 30, 2023, she was officially announced as a playable character.

Not much is known about Fu Xuan, except that she will follow the path of Preservation. Theory crafters speculate that Fu Xuan will be a 5* character. Fu Xuan will be a solid tank if you want to build a team around Seele and Silver Wolf, along with an upcoming Quantum character.


Quantum is one of the most important elements in the endgame content, along with Imaginary. If you enjoy playing with either of the available Quantum characters, you can’t go wrong with upgrading them.

  • Many of the endgame bosses are weak to quantum, and this makes clearing content and obtaining rewards relatively easy.
  • Moreover, if you want to invest heavily in the element for a team in Memory of Chaos, you may want to go for the mono-quantum team.
  • A team around Fu Xuan, Seele, Silver Wolf, and any quantum 4-star seems like a decent option.

However, we do not have news about any other characters yet. As soon as more information comes out, we’ll update this guide. Meanwhile, check out this article for active redemption codes.

We hope this tier list helped you choose the best Quantum characters for your team in Honkai: Star Rail. Let us know if you have any questions or comments by leaving them below. For more content, stay with us here at Spiel Times.

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