Horizon Forbidden West: “A Bigger Boom” Guide

The errand called, A Bigger Boom will unlock a weapon that can help you progress through the early parts of the game much faster. You’ll need to complete To the Brink first before it becomes accessible. Once completed, you’ll overhear two sisters taking at the southwest exit of Chainscrape. Talk to them to begin the quest.

Gather Materials

The sisters Delah and Boomer are looking to forge a new weapon, but they need the materials. You’ll find out they need 3 Charger Horns and 1 Fanghorn Rib. The quest will mark a site near Chainscrape where you’ll find these chargers. They’re not strong, but you have to be careful when close.

The best strategy to farm Charger Horns is to dodge while shooting their horns. Use non-elemental ammo to ensure that the materials drop.

After getting the horns, move east of the Charger site, and you’ll encounter a Fire Fanghorn. Be careful with this one, as it unleashes fire attacks that can deal lots of damage. Unlike the charges, you don’t need a specific strategy for it. Defeat it, and it will drop the Fanghorn Rib.

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Once you return the materials to Delah, she will craft the weapon and give it to you as thanks. You’ll get the Prototype Spike Thrower, a powerful ranged weapon that explodes after contact.

It’s a great weapon to use against larger targets if you want to take them down from range. However, crafting ammo can be expensive, so make sure you have enough materials first.

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