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Horizon Forbidden West has various doors that require a special code to unlock. Several of them can be seen scattered around. Many of them are discovered in the main plot. Some are obtained in side missions, while the remainder may be discovered in Relic Ruins. A text or audio file is normally required to solve them, but if you don’t want to waste time hunting around for the answer, we have included all of the door codes in the game below for your reference. Let’s go! 😁

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The Daunt (Relic Ruins) 1705
No Man’s Land (Relic Ruins) 2204
Restless Wealds (Relic Ruins) 1923
Isle of Spires Level 9 (Relic Ruins) 2109
Isle of Spires Level 7 (Relic Ruins) 109
Ornament Code: Isle of Spires Level 6 2109109
Death’s Door (Latopolis) 7482
Forbidden Legacy 102023 (1st Door)
402625 (2nd Door)
Dunehollow 739135
Cradle of Echoes (Distress Signal) 237
The Spinebreak 2054
Base Secret Room 9626118

Where To Find the Secret Room

For the secret room, which is found in our headquarters, we must descend to the abandoned section (near the servers, where you have your Beta room and where we entered the first time). You’ll see a red circle around a locked door there. You only have to move to your right to find the prompt where you can type in the code.

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