Horizon Forbidden West
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Horizon Forbidden West emphasizes the importance of firearms in combat. When choosing a weapon, take into account stats, different types of ammo, perks, coils, and overall damage. While there are many wonderful weapons to gather in the game, you should concentrate on the Legendary weapons.

There are nine Legendary weapons in total throughout the game, and all of them are well worth using. Some are difficult to obtain, but we’ll teach you how to do so in this tutorial.

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Weapon Name

How To Get

Tinker’s Price Tripcaster
  • You must finish all Hunting Grounds trials with Full Stripes to acquire the Tinker’s Price Tripcaster, which is no simple task.
  • If you’ve been working on unlocking weapons from The Maw of the Arena, you’ve undoubtedly made a lot of progress already.
  • “Full Stripes” is the equivalent of a gold medal, indicating that you finished the trial in the allotted time.
Ancestor’s Return
  • Complete the nine Relic Ruins and bring them to Stemmur in Hidden Ember to unlock The Ancestor’s Return.
  • To find the ninth, you must finish the Nights of Lights Errand, after which the Ancestor’s Return will appear in a supply chest beside Stemmur.
The Skykiller
  • Complete The Way Home side quest to gain access to The Skykiller.
You must have the flying mount to complete this level 32 quest in Legacy’s Landfall.
  • You’ll complete the objective and receive The Skykiller once you return the gyrocompass parts to the quest givers.
Wings of the Ten Blastsling
  • You must acquire all 12 Black Boxes scattered throughout the map to win the Wings of the Ten Blastsling.
  • We recommend waiting until after you’ve acquired the Sunwing mount to collect them because flying is considerably faster than climbing.
  • Once you’ve found them all, go to Memorial Grove’s Black Box Collector, Untalla, and trade all 12 for the Wings of the Ten.
Warrior Bow
  • After finishing the four Gauntlet Run races, you’ll receive this Warrior Bow.
  • Dry Yearn, Cliffs of the Cry, Bonewhite Tear, and The Stillsands are the names of the four albums.
  • Carja’s Bane will spawn in a chest in front of you once you’ve completed The Stillands.
Blast Forge
  • The Blast Forge is the penultimate Legendary weapon available at The Maw Arena.
  • It will also cost you 80 Arena Medals, so complete the Hunting Grounds trials as soon as possible.
***You’ll need to complete Hunting Grounds challenges scattered across the map to obtain medals. Other weapons can be purchased with medals, so finish the Hunting Grounds objectives as soon as possible. The higher your trial rating, the more medals you’ll win.
  • Purchasing the Forgefall from The Maw of the Arena unlocks it.
  • This will set you back 80 Arena Medals, but the tremendous Plasma damage is definitely worth it.
  • This weapon may be purchased for 80 Arena Medals from The Maw of the Arena.
  • To obtain this Bow, you must complete all of the game’s Rebel Camps.
  • There are six Rebel Camps scattered across the map, and clearing the final one will grant you The Sun Scourge.
  • The boss at the final camp will drop this weapon.
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