Many were expecting the announcement of Horizon Forbidden West DLC content and were not disappointed. Aloy’s adventures continue in Burning Shores, leading players to travel to a new location. The DLC will take place after the story of Forbidden West and will feature new content they plan to detail when they’re closer to the release date.

For now, we have a confirmed release on 19 April 2023.

The Story

Burning Shores refers to Los Angeles, which has now transformed into a volcanic archipelago. Aloy must travel there to deal with a dangerous threat emerging from the area. The area unlocked will be a region south of the Tenakth Clan Lands. The DLC will be a full-fledged new adventure featuring new quests, characters, and more.

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According to Guerilla Games, the idea for Burning Shores is ambitious. They wanted to show the gravity of the threat in a complex overgrown city such as Los Angeles. We see signs of the fractured city in the trailer. Aloy must traverse the area through sky and water to be able to explore it fully. As such, the focus of the expansion was exclusively on the PS5, as developing it for anything else will require more time.

The Trailer

In the trailer, we see Aloy flying atop a Sunwing, headed toward Los Angeles. We see an overgrown city, fragmented as many pieces have separated with the geological change. There are still some remnants of buildings here and there, mostly overtaken by the new archipelago. From there, the trailer zooms into the overgrown Hollywood Sign.

A massive machine awakens from its slumber, destroying the sign. Before it could move further, we see a tentacle fly out from its side, emitting a beam as red as the magma of the archipelago. The beast is likely the focal point of this expansion. According to Guerilla, Aloy must use everything she possesses to stop this new threat.

Looking at the Past

The original Horizon Zero Dawn also had a DLC called The Frozen Wilds. The development of it may give us a clear indication of how Guerilla will approach this new DLC. Of course, the PS5 has much more capabilities, meaning we might see improvements in almost every aspect. Since players can only access the region after completing the main quest, it’s likely the requirement.

The Frozen Wilds is about seven and a half hours, provided you only aim for the main quest. It’s not unrealistic to expect the same depth of content for Burning Shores. Many players state they could only complete The Frozen Wilds after 10-15 hours, which seems like the sweet spot for the DLC price.

From there, we can expect the introduction of new machines and materials, meaning you can craft additional gear. Burning Shores will likely introduce new weapons, some of that can help you tackle this machine monstrosity.

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