Horizon Forbidden West: Diving Mask Guide, How To Get

In Horizon Forbidden West, you can acquire a Diving Mask that will allow Aloy to breathe indefinitely underwater. It is one of the Legendary Special Gear players will come across in the game. In this guide, we will explain how you can get this item and where you can use it.

Where can I find the Diving Mask?

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For players to fully explore Sunken Caverns (the white waves on your map), they need the Diving Mask in their inventory. Players must first finish the story quest called “The Eye of the Earth” before they can work on acquiring the Diving Mask.

Once players complete “The Eye of the Earth,” they will unlock three new main quests. They can then proceed to get the Diving Mask when they take on the quest called “The Sea of Sands”. Choosing Poseidon among the three subordinate functions will direct you to this quest. It’s important to note that this quest is level 22 so expect some difficulty when finishing it.

You can find the materials for the Diving Mask in The Sea of Sands quest.

To craft the Diving Mask, you need to have the following materials: 1 Machine Knee Cap, 1 Synthetic Membrane, and 1 Compressed Air Capsule. You can obtain these from “The Sea of Sands” quest.

Once you arrive at The Stillsands, head to the Tower of Tears. You can see it on your map as a question mark icon the first time you approach it. Coming to the tower will trigger a cutscene and there, Aloy will meet Morlund. You will then be given the objectives to retrieve the materials.

Location of materials during the quest

  • You will find the Compressed Air Capsule in the submerged elevator shaft where Morlund and the others can be seen diving in earlier.
  • Swim down towards the quest marker that will appear to obtain it. Afterward, you can begin retrieving the Machine Parts needed for the Diving Mask.

Leave the building and follow the south marker to continue the quest.

Activate Aloy’s focus by following the in-game cues. Following the tracks revealed by Aloy’s focus will bring you to a few enemies. Defeating the Bellowbacks will give you the Synthetic Membranes while the Leaplashers will give you the Machine Knee Caps.

Head back to Morlund to craft the Diving Mask.

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Once you are done clearing the enemy site, make your way back to the pagoda. Speak with Morlund and you can finally craft the Diving Mask by using the workbench located in the building.

The Diving Mask will automatically work once it is in your inventory. Simply dive into a body of water and you’ll have the ability to breathe underwater for an indefinite amount of time. With the Diving Mask, you will be able to explore the Sunken Caverns as well as complete the “Drowned Hope” quest at the Carja Camp.

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