Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube

A blast door, a railcar, and a couple of crates are among the obstacles in the way of obtaining the Dry Yearn ornament. This tutorial will show players how to effectively navigate the Relic Ruins and obtain the prize in Horizon Forbidden West.

The Dry Yearn Relic Ruins isn’t as difficult as the others, but it still requires some thought and needs a unique item.

Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube

Dry Yearn Relic Ruins Puzzle

Though players can access the Dry Yearn Relic Ruins early in Horizon Forbidden West, they won’t be able to complete it until they reclaim DEMETER. This is due to an odd metal flower blocking the passage. This can only be removed with the Vine Cutter module.

Blast Door

You can see the ornament from the first area. The problem is that players will not be able to reach it right away. After breaking the metal flower, you will have access to a mobile box.


Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube

Climb up to the higher section with the metal railings on the opposite side of the room from the decoration. A yellow wheel is there, use it to unlock the blast door.

Locked Room

The door will begin to close as soon as Aloy stops moving the wheel. Players should run through before it does so, even if it would leave them stuck on the opposite side. They’ll have to use the Pullcaster on the blue metal fixture at the tunnel’s far end. Position the railcar directly in front of the blast door to get out. Players should grapple onto the three climbable beams on the right side of the chamber with the Pullcaster.

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Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube

Jump from the railcar to the nearest beam and hop from one beam to the next until they reach an elevated platform with the Repository Maintenance Key on it, as all three beams have now been lowered. The railcar can then be used to ascend to the higher section on the opposite side of the chamber. Use the key module to unlock the Relic Ruins’ single closed door.

After getting through the door, use the Pullcaster to open a vent and crawl through it to a room with a Firegleam crystal inside. They will be returned to the platform with the yellow wheel after igniting the Firegleam and passing through the hole it produces. Use this to reopen the blast door. Instead of allowing the heavy door to close, drag the railcar underneath it to keep it open.

Get the Ornament

Climb the yellow bars on the back of the blast door. Another blue metal frame is in the wall here, which players must remove using the Pullcaster. They can then slide down onto the platform below and pick up the ornament, completing the Dry Yearn Relic Ruins.

Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube
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