Horizon Forbidden West: How To Get, Sunwing The Flying Mount

You can fly in Horizon Forbidden West using the Sunwing. Since the west has a lot of mountains, you need the flying mount to make things easier. So in order to do so, you must first unlock the Sunwing mount. Even though you can’t find it in your early hours of Forbidden West, there are a lot of areas to explore riding it. This makes it very fast and easy to reach any place.

How To Unlock Sunwing

So to unlock the flying mount Sunwing in Horizon Forbidden West you have to go through the main questline by completing Gemini Cauldron. It unlocks after the 16th Main Story Quest “The Wings of the Ten”.

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As part of the story, you will get this mount for the final story quest. You will need to find the materials needed to override a Sunwing. Once you craft its override, you can get a mount like these in other places.

  • This is the penultimate mission in Horizon Forbidden West, so you won’t be able to fly until the very end of the game. Once you reach this part of the game, you also have the possibility to craft its override. In Forbidden West, you can unlock some machines to be overridden by gathering some items.
  • Once you finish the quest, you will get the Sunwing which acts like any other mount. If you whistle it’ll scoop you up off the ground and you can jump off with square at any time. It’ll usually be hovering around above you once you leave it behind and you can Pullcaster up when the prompt appears.
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