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Horizon Forbidden West requires players to divide their Skill Points among the six different skill trees. There are talents for melee attacks, some toward healing/survival, and others toward overpowering machinery.

It’s your choice what type of Aloy you want to construct. Players in Horizon Forbidden West will quickly level up as they battle opponents and complete objectives.

Max Level

Gaining XP to raise Aloy’s level is one of the main ways players acquire Skill Points. You can earn XP in a variety of methods. This includes battling machines and humans, conducting side activities such as errands, and accomplishing story missions.

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Whatever the players are doing, they will undoubtedly gain some extra XP when they complete all of the icons on the world map.

HFW has a maximum level of 50.

You will no longer get XP from fighting machines or completing side quests after reaching the final level. Players can still clean up the area and participate in activities, but they will only receive Skill Points and stuff, and their XP bar will not advance.

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Horizon Zero Dawn’s maximum level was also 50, however, with the release of The Frozen Wilds expansion in late 2017, the level ceiling is now 60.

Horizon Forbidden West’s level maximum could be raised, although this is contingent on Guerrilla Games releasing post-launch DLC. With so many PlayStation exclusives getting DLC these days, Horizon Forbidden West will most certainly follow suit, especially since critics have praised the game.

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Players are presently unable to reset their spent skill points, which means that once you unlock a skill, there is no way to undo it and reclaim the skill points. When deciding which skill trees to put points in, be cautious.

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