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Horizon Forbidden West has eight Relic Ruins strewn throughout the world. These decaying houses are home to a collection of rare relics known as Ornaments, which serve as sad reminders of the Old Ones’ fallen civilization. However, as players will realize when they arrive at the No Man’s Land Relic Ruins, obtaining these ancient artifacts is no easy chore.

The No Man’s Land Relic Ruins are more difficult to travel than the ones in the initial sector of Horizon Forbidden West. Here’s how to get the door open.

Fans of Horizon Forbidden West will quickly see that there are no obvious entrances, save for some red crystals blooming on some of the building’s external walls. Even after understanding how to use these crystals, players will need to obtain a fully charged Energy Cell and figure out how to transport it over a pool of water without getting it wet.

No Man’s Land Relic Ruins

You will be able to tour the exterior of the game’s second Relic Ruins nearly immediately after entering No Man’s Land, but they will not be able to go inside. You’ll have to learn how to destroy the red crystals first, which comes later in the main story task Death’s Door.

Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube

Return to the Relic Ruins after making an Igniter and completing the Death’s Door objective, where they should look for a transportable crate. Push it over to the south side of the structure’s yellow climbing beam and then climb up to the roof. You’ll find a patch of Firegleam crystals there, which they may light by pressing and holding the R2 button for a few seconds.

Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube

Energy Cell

After destroying the external wall, you should go inside and assess the surroundings. Under the locked door is an outlet in need of a charged Energy Cell, and on the other side of the water is a machine capable of charging Energy Cells. For the time being, scan the VIP Key Datapoint and then use your Pullcaster to open a tunnel heading back outside.

Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube

Follow this tunnel to another patch of Firegleam, which you should re-ignite by holding the R2 trigger. You’ll be able to take the last Energy Cell from the newly exposed rack as a result of this. Unfortunately, it’s entirely depleted, so players will have to return to the main chamber and recharge it using the device on the wall.

The next step is the most difficult, as submerging the Energy Cell in water will entirely discharge it.

Cross the Water

Players will be unable to locate a path across the water that does not result in the Energy Cell becoming wet, no matter how hard they try. To avoid this, they must stand beneath the grappling point near the Energy Cell charger and cancel the grapple by pressing the Circle button immediately after activating the Pullcaster. Aloy will be propelled to the roof by the surplus velocity, giving her access to the main room’s upper level.

You can drop down from the roof to the area just in front of the locked door with a little maneuvering. Exploring this section further reveals that there is another moveable crate up here that players should push down into the sea below. You’ll next have to leap down and transfer the container near the Energy Cell charger and set the fully charged Energy Cell on top.

Players will no longer have to worry about the Energy Cell discharging when pulling the box over the water. Then it’s just a question of putting the phone into the power source and unlocking the door.

The four-digit passcode for the door is 2204 if you lazy reading ze DATAPOINT! 😉 we gotchu.

Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube

You can collect the Emergency Pit Stop Ornament once the door is open before moving on to the next target.

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