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When compared to some of the other missions in Horizon Forbidden West, the Relic Ruins at the Restless Weald will likely prove to be very simple for those who have already completed the Death’s Door major story mission. Finding the key is very simple, though players will have to do some detective work to find out the door’s passcode.

Aloy is visiting an ancient train station in Horizon Forbidden West’s Restless Weald Relic Ruins. Here’s how players can locate the ornament.

Screengrab Courtesy of RetroGAMEz via YouTube

When you progress deeper into the HFW environment, you’ll come across the Restless Weald Relic Ruins. To fully explore the Relic Ruins, you’ll need to have built the Igniter, which is identical to the last Relic Ruins you encountered, thus those who have been ignoring the main story may need to return later.

Depot Office Key

Players should look for an old railcar and move it along the lines until they pass the switcher before examining the ruin itself.


Screengrab Courtesy of RetroGAMEz via YouTube

They’ll next need to utilize the switcher to switch to the straight rails and push the cart back along with them to the station’s side. Aloy will be able to climb onto a yellow beam and across a rope to the Depot Office key as a result of this.


With the key in hand, players should descend and search for the nearby ladder, which must be shot down with an arrow before being climbed. Players should scan Datapoints both at the top of the ladder and in the structure behind it.

The passcode for the door is the same as the age of the station, according to one. The digits are someplace on the station’s exterior according to the other. Players can find what looks to be the number 1623 on the wall on the northwest side of the structure by going around the perimeter.

A closer look reveals that the 6 is actually a 9 that has slid down during the last thousand years or more.

Players can use the passcode 1923 to unlock the door now that they know the year the station was built.


Unlike other Relic Ruins, where entry to the ornaments is nearly instantaneous once you open the door, there is still some work here. To begin, players should slide along the rope to reach a new region with a patch of Firegleam crystals on one of the walls. Using the Igniter will lead you back outside, where you’ll find a passage that connects to the train tracks from previously.
Screengrab Courtesy of RetroGAMEz via YouTube
This implies that players will have to push or drag the railcar back along the tracks until it reaches a position behind the switcher, after which they will switch back to the curved tracks. They’ll be able to shove the train into the newly accessible structure and climb on top of it to reach the platform with the ornament if they do so. It’s just a matter of picking up the old trinket to finish the Restless Weald Relic Ruins from here.
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