Horizon Forbidden West: Stillsands Relic Ruins Puzzle Guide

In the game, Aloy will need to investigate the ruined Las Vegas. West of The Sea of Sands marker will be the Stillsands Relic Ruin. Getting the ornament here requires solving a puzzle to reach the top. Here’s how you can navigate the ruin and catch your prize:

Climb the staircase at the center of the room to reach the second level.

You’ll find a crate there which you can push down. At the bottom level, you’ll notice a Firegleam on a wall. Ignite it to open a new path where you’ll move the crate through. Once you’re there, you’ll need to jump on it to get to the platform above with a water valve.

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Use it, and water will now flow into the ruins. Push the cart back to where the water is draining to block it and let the ruins flood. Swim back to the main room, and the next level will not be accessible. You’ll see a locked door and an Ancient Supply Safe you can loot.


Image Courtesy of Guerrilla Games

Swim to the left corner of this level, and you’ll see a staircase you can climb. You’ll find the Store Key and a data point. You’ll also see another Ancient Supply chest here. Go back to the locked door and open it using the key.

Push the second crate into the water and then move back to the water valve.

Use the Pullcaster to remove the first crate blocking the drain. The ruin will empty, and you can now push the second crate across the main room. You’ll need to move it until you reach an area where you can spot a grip hold above. Use your focus to find it.

Return to the drain and move the first crate back to block the water again. Then move to the second crate, and climb on top of it. Jump to the grip hold, and climb until you reach the top level. There you’ll find an ornament after a small gap. After getting it, you can also jump down a level to find another Ancient Supply Chest.

Use the Pullcaster to zip to one of the statues at the center. You can then climb up to the top ledge and make your way to the exit.

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