In the early parts of Horizon Forbidden West, newbies tend to assume that the major antagonist is rebel leader Regalla. Later, as the game progresses, players will realize that Aloy and her allies will face far greater and more dangerous enemies.

The fearless fighter plans to overthrow Hekarro and take the power of the Tenakth tribe. This is with the help of Sylens and the Sons of Prometheus. Fortunately for them, Aloy arrives at the last possible moment and saves the day. She will easily defeat the rebel commander in single combat.

After the event ends, you must choose whether to kill or save Regalla. This is arguably one of the most crucial options in Horizon Forbidden West.

Kill or Spare Regalla (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Unlike the game’s other major decision, which asks you to choose between Drakka and Yarra, killing Regalla at the Grove has significant consequences. This is both in terms of the plot and the equipment Aloy may use in the future. You’ll have to pick between killing Regalla or sparing her life.

Kill Regalla

If you choose “Your life ends here”, Aloy will inform Regalla that she can’t let her live because of what she did.

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Screengrab Courtesy of MrRedRivers via YouTube

As Regalla prepares to accept her fate, Kotallo charges forward and plunges his spear into her stomach. This will result in killing her before she can finish her final words. Hekkaro will then gift Aloy Regalla’s Wrath: a Sharpshot Bow that excels in long-range damage after Sylens’ message arrives.

Spare Regalla

If the option “There’s more battle ahead” is selected, Aloy will promise Regalla a far more suitable death if she accepts to fight beside her against the Far Zeniths.

Screengrab Courtesy of MrRedRivers via YouTube

Regalla will then appear later in the Singularity main plot mission, where she will sacrifice herself to defend Aloy from a bunch of Specters after assisting Aloy and her comrades in fighting their way through to the Far Zenith headquarters. Players will not receive her bow, but they will be treated to a far more gratifying finish to Regalla’s story.

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