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People who want to turn things on like auto-heal, auto-sprint, or a toggle to make climbing spots more visible can use accessibility options. There’s also a toggle for tinnitus sounds, and Horizon Forbidden West players might want to know what that means. Horizon Forbidden West has a number of accessibility options, including a tinnitus sound toggle.

Horizon Forbidden West is even more approachable than its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, thanks to a ton of accessibility options. With the game being such a big open-world experience with loads of menus, weaponry, and controllers to figure out everything. This might be overwhelming for newbies with games like this.

Tinnitus is a condition in which a person’s ears ring constantly.

This is related to the pain experienced after hearing a loud noise such as an explosion or a loud buzz. Hearing loud ringing noises might cause bodily reactions in some people. Players will notice that tinnitus-like sounds are present when playing Horizon Forbidden West.

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Hearing ringing noises is inevitable when Aloy is fighting mechanical monsters with a variety of attacks and abilities. Also, because the majority of the game is spent in fighting using explosive devices like traps and the like, these could potentially cause tinnitus.

Turn off/on Tinnitus Sounds

Toggle the Tinnitus Sounds option in HFW by going to the main menu. The tinnitus option is near the bottom of the Accessibility tab, above the Subtitles section.

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The option’s description doesn’t say where the tinnitus noises come from or how often they occur. However, if any players are sensitive to ringing noises or are playing HFW with a headset, it may be advisable to turn them off.

If you’re messing with the television speaker and aren’t sensitive to that sort of stuff, it should be fine to leave the tinnitus sounds on. Because it’s impossible to predict when the tinnitus noises may appear in-game, gamers should avoid turning up the volume while playing.

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